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Friday, August 31, 2012 

If You Are An Intoxicated Police Officer ... Please Feel Free To Drive On Saskatchewan Roadways

An off-duty Edmonton police officer who was caught driving with alcohol in her blood in Saskatchewan was able to walk out of court without a criminal record. 

Sgt. Cheryl Wallin had open alcohol in her SUV and a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit — but she left a Humboldt courtroom with an absolute discharge. The incident took place in July, 2010. While off duty, Wallin was pulled over by RCMP on the highway outside Lanigan, Sask., according to records recently obtained by CBC News. 

Other drivers had reported an SUV swerving across lanes and onto the shoulder near the town, which is about 125 kilometres east of Saskatoon. Wallin, who's spent 23 years on the Edmonton force and has 15 awards and commendations, was charged with impaired driving. 

Last year, she went to court in Humboldt. There, she pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of dangerous driving and was given an absolute discharge, which can leave an accused person without a criminal record. 

CBC asked the Saskatchewan Justice Ministry why Wallin was not tried for impaired driving, but did not receive a reply in time for this article. 

Meanwhile, Wallin's actions also resulted in internal discipline under the Alberta Police Act. She pleaded guilty to discreditable conduct under the act and was suspended without pay for two weeks."

HUGE Jump in Saskatchewan highway deaths - 120 dead so far in 2012 - CBC

The reason the Justice Ministry isn't answering calls is because they're placing people in power above the law. Not only that, but your province has even gone so far as to grant immunity from prosecution any police officer who has committed any crime, however heinous, resigns from the force. For any decent human being that is trapped within the borders of this pretend country, this is legalizing abuse of power, if not minimizing it. This is what happens when some unions get out of control and resort to influence peddling, misusing funds and even intimidate ordinary citizens. Wallin should've been automatically suspended upon arrest and charge, and automatically removed from the force upon conviction. But that won't happen because we, the people, aren't fighting our politicians to make such changes.

CP, loosen the tinfoil, pal, there's not enough oxygen getting to the brain.

I'm not the crazy one, DP. Unlike you, I don't believe people in power should get special treatment, nor should they be above the law. What I've listed is a list of facts, and these are things you're too lazy to look up.

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