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Friday, August 23, 2013 

Stephen Harper's Micromanaged Unwillingness To Answer Media Questions Now Having International Implications ....

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News Bureaus and media organizations pay a huge sum to have reporters accompany the Prime Minister of Canada on junkets and official visits. Imagine paying the fee, attending every event day after day and NOT being able to ask even 1 question of Stephen Harper - virtually nothing to file back home from the trip - Mr. Li Xue Jiang deserves an apology from the PMO.

A Chinese reporter was hauled away by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s RCMP security detail Friday after he grabbed a microphone and tried to ask Harper a question during a news conference at a mine in northern Quebec.

The reporter had just been involved in a brief physical altercation with Harper’s press secretary, Julie Vaux, as he waited in line to ask his question.

Li Xue Jiang, Canadian bureau chief for the Chinese People's Daily, is one of 10 reporters travelling with Harper on his tour of the North this week.

The tussle came on the last stop of a six-day trip that featured some frayed nerves and sharp words between reporters and members of the Prime Minister’s Office, but was generally seen as relatively smooth considering its length and the rough nature of the travel.

Video of Friday’s incident shows Li brushing Vaux's hand away, and then later shoving her.[...]
"She asked me to give up this question to your Canadian journalist," Li said later, adding he told Vaux it was his last chance on the trip to ask a question.

"I didn't agree to give up. So I am in the line, and ready to ask a question and she grabbed me several times, so that's why I pushed her," Li said.

Following the CBC's question, Lecce called another reporter to the mic. At that point, Li tried to grab the microphone from the technician, "to ask a question," he said.

Three RCMP officers were nearby and grabbed him.
-The Star has more ...
-CTV has more ....

It's interesting to notice that
Bryn Weese of Sun TV News was
in the close area of the reporter
who wished to ask a question.
Weese looks to be helping the
RCMP in their ejection of the

Curious, isn't it?

It's a funny old world.

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