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Monday, July 17, 2006 

Harper's Foreign Policy - Ideologically Driven

Once again we get to see how Stephen Harper's ideologically driven agenda works. When other nations (France and Russia) cautioned Israel on its incursions into Lebanon, stating that the actions were disproportionate to the problem, what did Harper say? He stated, in his capacity as the Prime Minister of Canada, that the incursions were 'measured'. So now this 'measured' response has resulted in the deaths of 8 Canadians (4 of them young children!!) what does our fearless leader have to say now? NOTHING!

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The problem with this guy is that he is an extreme right wing ideologue. It is his way or the highway. He doesn't want facts to get in the way of his beliefs and now he has a major problem on his hands. This guy has to go. The sooner the better.

He has made a major blunder and he will continue to blunder as long as his ideology and right wing dogma directs Canadian foreign and domestic policy.

Shame on Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his BAD handling of the situation in Lebanon!!!

How typical of a right wing mindset - attack French and Russian foreign policy to divert attention from the fact that YOUR GUY SCREWED UP!!! And as for Harper's 'personal moral certainty' - CRAP!! I want no part of this guy's 'personal moral certainty'! Is it his 'personal moral certainty' that is going to overide everything else in this nation! Shame on Harper and shame on you for such a LAME defense of his nonsense!!!

Conservatives - that's what's wrong!

I dunno, George W. Bush based his invasion of Iraq on the same kind of "personal moral certainity".

"W" was pretty sure Iraq had "Weapons of Mass Destruction"

To ask the Dr. Phil question:

How's that workin' for ya?

"Heh, every major intelligence organization in the world, including those of France and Russia thought Iraq had WMD."

as Jon Stewart said

"How do we know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction? We've still go the receipt"

Love your post, particularly your strong knowledge of world affairs:

Harper=bad. Bush=bad. Israel=bad

Living outside of reality=good

Wow... Nothing like a good sound off from inward looking left wing loons.

Take a closer look at recent events... Start by going back a couple of years to when Isreal left Lebanon. Everyone with any tactical/strategic sense said "...It's a mistake...".

Look at what happened when Isreal left Gaza... Everyone said "...It's a mistake...".

Man, in short order, Hezbollah and Hamas proved the naysayers right.

All you morons on the left were saying... Give more.

Not good enough to admit when wrong, so why not lash out blindly instead eh? "Progressive" thought at it's best.

"wrong" is in the eye of the beholder. I consider your opinions and world view to be wrong - you feel the same about mine. My right is your left. All I know is Harper has hurt himself electorally with his strident cowboy attitude to middle eastern affairs.

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