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Wednesday, August 23, 2006 

Jason Kenney and the Fine Art of International Diplomacy

Mr. Kenney, what the HELL are you doing?! Is the only tool in your 'Government Tool Box' a bloody hammer? Has your life experience never taught you that you can not put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it? Your international affairs strategy is something that we could have expected from the swarm over at smalldeadanimals.

What is the strategic logic behind your pronouncement on the Lebanese situation? If you intended to provoke, well, you hit your mark. If you intended to be bombastic in order to show the right wing supporters back home that your government is 'tough', well, (if smalldeadanimals is the barometer), you've probably hit the target. But if your remarks were intended to achieve a minisule centimeter of progress in this very dangerous region, which is your job SIR, well then, you screwed up, big time.


If your contention is that our elected government should perform at the same level as Hezbollah does on a 'tit for tat' basis, then we are all headed to a much bigger conflict.

If on the other hand, intellectual, reasonable people know that in the middle of a dangerous situation, you try to calm the situation, get it under control and then move progressively towards resolution.

Our brave Canadian police officers know this and do it every day.

George Bush, Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney are bombastic, 'know it all' right wingers who are doing NOTHING but making the entire situation in the middle east WORSE.

If they used standard police methodology in dealing with potentially deadly situations, the last thing they would do is inflame the situation any wrose than it already is. That is what your friend Mr. Kenney has done. God protect us from the insanity of Conservative politicians.

So, using your methodology of 'police work', we end up with a dead bad guy and a dead child. Sounds like what happened to innocent babies and children last week in Lebanon. God protect us from the insanity of Conservative politicians.

"If there is a man holding a child in the middle of a street firing a gun in all directions the authorities have every right to put a bullet between his eyes."

Actually bags, the SOP for police in that situation is to wait him out and negotiate and only take the shot if it is clear (won't hit the kid) and the child is in imminet danger.

None of that is true. By your same analogy, Israel, the cop, was happily mowing down innocent civillians and hostages in order to get at the bad guys behind them. You and I both know that any cop that did that would be in jail.

Stop being such a punk and start thinking for once.

yes we are heading towards a much bigger conflict,you do not try to appease or negotiate with
terrorists,you annihilate them. The sooner this is accomplished,the least people will die.Leftdog,I cannot understand how you think we can somehow live in harmony with coldblooded terrorists if we just give them a hug. What part of "they want to kill you" do you not understand!

harbinger, in 1776 a terrorist named George Washington started bombing British troops and organizing a war against England in legal British territory. To the folks back in England, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin were all TERRORISTS!

It's all a matter of where you are standing.

While Buckdog was on comment moderation, a post was received from Harbinger who asked me questions:
1) "What country did the IRA vow to wipe off the face of the map?"
The IRA vowed to wipe the country of Northern Ireland off the map. Their dedicated purpose is to throw Britain out of Northern Ireland and join it with the Republic of Ireland in the south. Thousands and thousands of people have died in this war - both Catholic and Protestant. The IRA has turned over their weapons and are in ongoing talks to improve the lives of the minority Catholics in the North

Harbinger asked me:
2)"Do you actually believe Hezbollah is just kidding around,?"
No they are NOT kidding around! They have a number of complaints. They want a solution to all of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who have been in refugee camps since Palestine disappeared on the map and Israel became a nation in 1947-48. They seem to want a Shite nation in southern Lebanon because they are a different religious denomination than the Sunni Muslims in the Central and North of Lebanon.

Harbinger asked me:
3) "and that negotiation would change their minds?"
I am a Canadian and Canada has always tried to find a way to see if a peaceful resolution to problems might be possible without having to go to war. How do you know if negotiations will fail before you even try them.

Harbinger insulted me:
4) "I sure hope that your pro terrorist slant is just to stir debate ,if it isn't you are morally corrupt and a truly sorry soul."

Harbinger, This is one of the things I really dislike about right wing people - they sometimes are VERY quick to bully people they don’t agree with.

You are talking about Iraq NOT Lebanon. Read a book. Or get better TV channels.

I need to address your totally abusive posts that you have posted a few times recently. Stop that. It is not adding anything to the debate. We don't agree. fine. Make arguments not abusive snarky posts

I think you are extremely emotional and your arguments border on bizarre. Drop the emotional fear. Be logical. You are looking for reasons to justify agressive actions. A reasonable thining individual with intelect and other skills should be trying to diffuse the tensions - even an iota - and find a way to pull us all back from the brink. You seem to have ONE solution and in your solution a LOT of people have to die. I and others are trying to find a way to neutralize these tensions somewhat to SAVE lives.

Drop the HIGH EMOTION!!!

You seem committed to a major military confrontation in the region. Is that what you see as a 'solution'?

Mike has left a new comment on your post:
Jason Kenney and the Fine Art of International Diplomacy:

And since the Sadat assasination, the PLO has also recognized Israel and changed its charter, after negotiating the Oslo Accords. Fatah is still trying. Israel is still recognized by Egypt and Jordan has since been added, all via negotiations. "These people"...now is that all brown or olive skinned folks or just all Muslims? All Arabs? Take a hike, bigot.

Posted by Mike to Buckdog
8/24/2006 07:51:26 AM

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