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Saturday, September 09, 2006 

NDP Overwhelming Adopt 'Out of Afghanistan' Policy

A day after Conservative Defense Minister O'Connor told reporters that military victory was not possible in Afghanistan, delegates at the NDP Convention in Quebec City have overwhelmingly adopted a policy that states our current mission in Afghanistan is the wrong mission for Canada and calls for the withdrawal of our troops.

The Conservative Party of Canada is solidly in support of continuing the military mission in spite of Minister O'Connor's courageous and truthful assessment.

Liberal Party rank and file, as well as leadership hopefuls are fractured on the issue and remain in complete disarray over the future of the military mission.

Canadians can now consider three distinct policies on the matter:

1) Support the NDP and bring our troops out of a mission that has no goal and no military possiblity of success.

2) Support the Conservative Party and continue following instructions from Bush's head office in Washington.

3) Run around like chickens with their heads cut off as the Liberal Party is doing, unable to come to a unified position and attempt to merely woo votes from both sides of the issue.



What Canadians Want!

Convention News Release


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Our soldiers job ther is to take care of the bullies and help rebuild the country.Makes Canadians blood boil when we hear wimps and weak kneed polititians want to pull our troops out of there. The NDP speaks for a small fringe of Canadians and should keep it's mouth shut in matters of importance!

The Conservative Minister of Defense for CANADA - says we CANNOT defeat the Taliban in the field. Are you calling the Minister of Defense a 'wimp and weak kneed'?

You need to move beyond emotion and use your god given brain.

We are rebuilding NOTHING. The Mission cannot succeed.

The vast majority of Canadians are VERY concerned about the mission.

You are not providing any facts - you are only providing 'feelings' and 'emotion'.

Use your god given brain. Be logical.

The people of Afganistan want us there.They don't want to be overrun and led by the Taliban. We don't have to defeat them in the feild as in a conventional war,we have to keep them at bay while the country has a chance to be built back up and able to defend itself.Your lack of faith in our Canadian troops is a shame to our great country!

Now we are talking. You said, "Your lack of faith in our Canadian troops is a shame to our great country!"

What nonsense! This has nothing to do with 'lack of faith' in our troops. This is ALL ABOUT LACK OF FAITH in the government of Stephen Harper and his master, George Bush.

You right wingers always have to dink around with the wording ie. 'lack of faith in our troops'.

Our brave Canadian troops have never been afraid to go where they are sent. The unfortunate thing is that Harper's government has NO CONCERN FOR THEM AT ALL. Why? The mission has no specific GOALS - the mission has no specific target dates.

We are building N0THING in Afghanistan.

We are in quicksand. Go ask your Conservative Minister of Defense. You have not SAID ONE WORD, about his comments - is he weak, is he a wimp - ANSWER THAT QUESTION!

You are against everything the conservatives say and do,but when it fits your agenda,you act like what they say came straight from the mouth of god.What else would be expected from you?

The conservative party is playing to people's fears and are trying to convince people to accept things that are not in their best interest.

I am sorry that you have chosen them as the party you support. I suppose if you were a millionaire or the owner of a company that manufactures war products you would clearly be with the right party. I suspect that you are an average Canadian who wants to succeed in the things that interest you.

The Conservative Party is NOT the best option for average Canadians.

So far,the NDP has stated,The invasion of iraq constitutes a "supreme war crime" akin to those investigated by the Nuremberg Tribunal,that canadians in Afghanistan are occupying that country,that Canadian troops risk acting like terrorists,and that we had no business being involved in WW2.What sane person would stand with a party expressing those views?

Listen young fellow - DON'T YOU READ ANYTHING!
Here is what the United States Senate said yesterday - Bush LIED! Iraq DID NOT have weapons of mass destruction and Iraq DID NOT have anything to do with 911. READ something - get informed! You can't base all of your opinions on what you 'feel' - base your opinions on what you 'know'.

READ THIS for gawd's sake!!
Senate Report

Just for the record, the Defence Minister never said we can't win in Afghanistan, he said we can't win SOLELY with the military. We do need to build schools, and roads, and help support the democratically elected government of Afghanistan.

But building schools is meaningless if the Taliban are just going to burn them down again. Supporting a government that believes in women's rights, without any troops to protect women from the Taliban's religious police, is meaningless.

Negotiating with the Taliban is meaningless.

It was under President CLINTON that the Americans stopped talking with the Taliban. A decision brought about under pressure from those well known right-wingers NOW (the National Organization of Women).

The NDP pretending that Afghanistan is the same thing as Bush's war in Iraq, is as stupid as Bush pretending the war in Iraq has anything to do with the fight against al Qaeda. Abandoning the people of Afghanistan to the Taliban becuase George Bush invaded Iraq is lunacy. Abandoning our allies in NATO is short-sighted, and will damage our reputation internationally imeasurably. That Canadians would pull out of a mission that has a United Nations mandate is just shocking to me.

I've voted NDP in the last two federal elections.

No more.

LKO - I put a post up that was too harsh and I have taken it down.

I will simply repeat that I cannot see the Libs as a legitimate home since they are fence sitting on far too many issues.

Liberals are not fence sitting,they are waiting for the next poll to tell them where they stand.

''We are building N0THING in Afghanistan.

We are in quicksand.''

I predict, that upon the visit of Sept 22, by Karzai, Jack will tuck his curly tail between his legs and run for cover.

And I predict,the Libs will leap off the fence, and fight PMSH for center stage with Karzai, and MSM will be reporting 'didn't the Libs do good'.

Leftdog, please save my predictions for force feeding later.

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