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Tuesday, September 05, 2006 

Senate Reform - Harper’s Smokescreen Issue

Stephen Harper is NOT doing as well as his Conservative Party supporters had hoped for.

Let’s review the challenges the Prime Minister faces that are keeping his poll numbers low:
-the war in Afghanistan is starting to bog down as was predicted
-his GOOD buddy George W. Bush is crashing in the US polls - mid terms look bad
-the Canadian economy is sagging under his stewardship in spite of Tory bravado

So with things not looking good to win a majority election, what is our good PM doing to try and fix the problems? He is going to invent a smokescreen issue to take our attention off of his many problems. How about ........’Senate Reform’.... surely that will distract us!

Too bad for Mr. Harper that his every move is scrutinized by his fellow citizens.

Vancouver Sun
Yahoo news

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They introduced multi-tasking to Windows 11 years ago. When do you think government should be able to do the same?

Seriously, is our democracy not as important as Afghanistan?

I don't recall 'Senate' reform being stated as one of the 5 HIGH priorities that Mr. Harper lectured us and his cabinet about -?- a little convienient to pick an issue out of the blue that will spark a lot of public and media attention - all a distraction.

Harper was FAR too cozy with Bush over the last few months and this was not wise strategy on his part. The chickens are about to come home to roost in public opinion.

Diversionary issue.

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