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Thursday, October 19, 2006 

Troubles Grip Tories

Public Works Minister Michael Fortier said his government needs to do a better job of getting its message out. "What I've said for a long time is we have to communicate better, and that includes myself," Mr. Fortier said. "In doing that, I think we will win favour with Quebeckers."

I have news for the Conservative Government of Canada. While it is true that you have some communications problems, communications is not your main problem. The main problem that the Tories have is that they are out of sync and out of step with the majority of Canadians in a number of important areas:

-Canadians do not like the military quagmire in Afghanistan.
-Canadians aren't comfortable with Harper's cozy relationship with the Bush Republican government in Washington.
-Canadians were uncomfortable with Harper's 'measured response' pronouncement during the recent action in Lebanon.
-Harper's GST cut was insignificant to the average Canadian, the benefit has been minimal.

The right wing projects a nasty tone (I call it smalldeadanimal syndrome - you know what I mean, that nasty screeching right wing 'din' that resounds everywhere in 'Toryland' these days).

So Mr. Harper can buy the best communications advice in the world and can launch massive ad campaigns, but it will not help him.

The Conservative's problem isn't that they are communicating their priorities poorly; their problem is that they have crappy messages and priorities that the average Canadian doesn't share.

Globe and Mail

I agree. How else could the Conservatives have only eeked out a minority from a ruling government that had scandal all over it? Also how could they be running neck and neck with a party that doesn't even have a leader? They need to wake up and realize that far right policies on many issues just aren't what Canadians want.

Having said that, I have some grudging admiration for their new policy on crime and a few other things. But they are mean spirited in taking away from literacy programs, creating a sham of an environment policy, cutting museums, the court challenge program and wanting to reopen the same-sex marriage debate. That's why they will not appeal to moderates, especially in Quebec, and why they are destined to, at best, only get another minority in the next election.

From the day he was nominated without first being elected, I started asking myself why? In my research I found out that he ran in 1998 for leadership and came last. In 2000, in Laval riding, he lost and came last. He's a hockey freak and a hysterical father never happy of his son's progress. Just recently, he was involved with a shameful choice for the denomination of a building in BC...the Japanese won't forget him any soon. At his first occasion, he's looking at running in a riding already represented by a competent MP in Vaudreuil-Soulanges...it's already difficult to attract women in politics, why run in a riding represented by a young woman. Conservative ideology? No thanks.

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