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Sunday, June 03, 2007 

Congressional Democrats Resist Calls For IMPEACHMENT From Grassroots Democrats

There is an interesting strategy playing out in the offices of the Democratic leadership in Washington.

In spite of calls from rank and file Democratic Party members and organizations, there is no sign that impeachment of President George W. Bush and his evil VP, Dick Cheney is going to happen.

You have to wonder why the leadership isn't listening to the grassroots of the party.

In a well thought out article, columnist Steven Thomma lays out the rationale and strategy of the Democratic leadership for not advancing impeachment proceedings.

Firstly, presidential impeachment is a remedy for 'high crimes' by a sitting president. Whether we like what Bush has done 'politically' or 'militarily' since he took office, the definition of 'high crimes' is somewhat tested by Bush's actions.

Secondly, even though Bush's popularity has tanked in the polls, there is a fear that formal impeachment proceedings may actually rally support to him by the flag waving, evangelical crowd.

Thirdly, by allowing Bush and Cheney to hang on as we get closer to the 2008 Presidential Election, the two of them will make very attractive bunching bags for the Democrats.

There is method in the madness of the Democratic leadership. It IS hard to mount strong logical arguments against their strategy. Clearly there are lots of emotional arguments for impeachment.

Time will tell if the strategy was wise.


Progressive Bloggers

Here's an argument- no grounds for impeachment exist and sensible Dem's understand this.

HOWEVER .. if being a warmongering, lying, creation believing, idiotic, demented, fucking asshole were grounds for impeachment, then President Bush sure qualifies!!!!!!

Uhm he lied to Congress about the WMD. If Clinton can get imeached for lying about a blow job, I'm pretty sure that Bush can be impeached for lying about the premise to go to a War.

The other alternative is the Americans excercise their much vaunted 2nd Amendment and remove him by force.

Oh please.

Unfortunately it probably would incite the flag wavers. Jury is still out on whether or not the country will ever regain it's sanity, seems like we've become a nation of morons.

The high crimes are there:

Lying to invade Iraq, Torture, extraordinary rendition, criminal violations of FISA, election fraud, Hatch Act violations, just to start a much longer list.

Sensible Dems and informed felines understand that the leadership has other reasons than what they telling us.

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