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Monday, December 10, 2007 

Does John Baird Need Anger Management Sessions?

As an observer of Canadian politics, a question that comes to mind when I watch Question Period is this ...... What is Minister John Baird SO ANGRY about! There is a venom in his speeches that goes far beyond normal political partisan competition. It is a raging, fuming behaviour that needs to be explained. So here goes .... 'John, what the hell are you so angry at'?

There are decisive steps we can take to bring anger back under our control. The next time you feel your are rising you can take action to deal with it in a healthy way.

1. Take a deep breath. Believe it or not, pausing to take a deep breath when you're upset really does help. When you're angry your body releases adrenalin that increases your heart-rate and blood pressure, preparing you to run or to fight. Taking a deep breath helps to bring your heart-rate back down and sends a signal to your brain that the adrenalin isn't needed.

2. Remove yourself from the situation. If you feel your anger mounting, walk away from the situation for a moment to give yourself the opportunity to regain control. Tell the other person that you need a minute and will be back. Take some deep breaths, splash water on your face, jump up and down. When you can think clearly return to the situation and deal with it.

3. Communicate your frustration clearly. General statements using "you always" or "I never" rarely reflect the facts and don't solve arguments. Give specific examples of what has happened and how you are feeling. This gives the other person the opportunity to make amends if they are in the wrong, and helps to clear up confusion.

4. Use a journal. If you find that you are often angry, a journal can be a safe place to scream out your frustrations. Let your anger come out through your pen. Write down exactly who you're mad at and why. If you want to tear it up afterwards, go right ahead. Just getting your thoughts down on paper can be cathartic, and this way no one gets hurt.

5. Learn your triggers. Pay special attention to what it is that triggers your anger and then take action when you find yourself in those situations. If you know that you are more susceptible to anger when you're tired for example, don't have major discussions with your partner late in the evening. Give yourself permission to say, "This really isn't a good time for me to discuss this. Can we talk about it _____" and set a specific time to discuss it. Setting a time and sticking to it shows the other person that you are not trying to avoid the topic but are genuinely seeking to find a solution.

If anger is becoming a major part of your life get in touch with a counselor. A licensed counselor can help you find the root of your anger and give you specific strategies for dealing with it.

Man, this is no surprise at all. Baird, when he was then newly in opposition after spending years in Mike Harris and Ernie Eaves cabinets, flipped when it was revealed by the new McGuinty government that the province had a $6 billion deficit rather than being in the black, as the Cons had said during the election. He was raving and had to be escorted out of the Ontario legislature by security (the Ontario Provincial Police). He was absolutely frothing...

This guy is deranged.

huffb1 .. he can be angry at the Libs politically ... that is normal in politics ... but this is something MORE! This is something that we should be concerned about because it seems to be an inappropriate LEVEL of anger. I personally think that this guy needs help with his inappropriate rage~

Well he may be over the top sometimes but what can you do.

Well ... you can do what I am doing as a citizen ... I am asking a question of an elected official ... posing to him the question that he may need help with his 'over the top' outbursts of hate and rage in our House of Commons .. a place where there should be some civility!

Baird is proof of the shallow talent pool that the Conservatives have in their ranks.

Add in Flaherty and Clement and you'll understand why Ontario doesn't really vote for these guys anymore.

Thinking back to Baird's days as a cabinet member, I remember how childish he could be and how greatly ashamed and embarrassed I felt for all those in his presence.
He can be heart stoppingly, and cringingly ignorant and without parallel.

If he owns a boat, it should be named Nonesuch; just like him, one of a kind (and mercifully so).

Maybe he's angry because he hasn't stepped out of the closet yet....

Baird is a perfect Conservative. He was picked to be an attack dog and he is playing the role perfectly. That is why he has the Environment Portfolio, so he can attack those people who care about the environment and look out for those who corporate interests need lax enviro laws.

Madder 'n a sunburned rattlesnake.

He's still mad from when he got the evnvironment file, and under the years 1993-2006 there was nothing there.

Ritewinger ... naw .. he was flipping out showing this psychotic rage in his old portfolio also! No there is something very wrong here that needs to be attended to ......

But he brings entertainment to Question Period!

I do agree though, there is something deeper.

I'm glad that leftdog never gets this angry.lol

BTW, any plans to do a few threads on all the lies the Federal NDP got caught in last week? Probably not. You be be a journalist and report on how slandering your opposition during an election campaign is a trick that goes back to the days of Tommy Douglas and the CCF. Tommy was sued by Walter Tucker here in Saskatchewan for slander and Tommy lost! After dragging it out through the appeal process it was settled out of court with an apology from Tommy and Tommy paying court costs. I know you love history leftdog.

Get real Trent and don't be such a dick. LD's blog, LD's point of view, LD's editorial, LD's choice of topic.

Just because the NDP are a bunch of lying, whiny, puritanical, (cough)harpo-crites doesn't mean that LD has to bring it up.

When was the last time you saw Stephen Taylor excoriating the CPC? Scott Tribe, the Liberals?

You're welcome to set up your own blog and try and attract the readership that LD has.

Good luck.

If Baird signs up for Anger Management classes, he must take NDP screamer Pat Martin with him.

Now there's a man with no self control.

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