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Friday, January 04, 2008 

Conrad Black Asks To Be Treated As An American Citizen

Convicted felon, Lord Conrad Black, (or Prisoner # 18330-424 as he is now officially known) is asking Federal US authorities to grant him the same status as an American citizen. Why? Well as a British citizen he is not entitled to be housed in a minimum security facility for his period of incarceration.

"In a four-page letter to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, filed in court this week, Lord Black's legal team asked officials to waive the regulation because of Lord Black's many contributions to the United States.

“Mr. Black's oral and written admiration for and support of the United States is well documented,” the letter said. It added that Lord Black, who is a British citizen, “has been a very productive member of society, extensively investing in the American economy as a business owner over many years."

Having renounced his Canadian citizenship in order to take a seat in the British House of Lords, it is laughable that the 'Lord' now would like to do away with his British citizenship. Opportunist! Egomaniac!

I have NO sympathy for Lord Black! American authorities should simply tell him 'NO'!

Globe & Mail

Progressive Bloggers

-Conrad Black May Regret Giving Up Canadian Citizenship
-Becoming Canadian Again - That's What Conrad Black Wants

Um, buckdog. Conrad Black was never convicted of fraud.

How about 'felon' - that probably is a better description! LOL!

Yeah, it is.

What is his support of the US? Stealing money from shareholders and claiming sovereignty over it because he's Lord of all he surveys?

Or is it because he's written a couple door-stopping suckass books about Americans like Nixon and Roosevelt?

Or is he driven by his Messiah complex that leads him to think (a la Stockwell and Steve) that all will bow and scrape and yield to the Grand Poo-Bah and Lord High Executioner?

And while we're on this rant:

Will somebody shut up Babs Amiel or teach her some manners?

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