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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 

New Democrats Ready For A Federal Campaign - Liberals Continue to Waffle

"We want a change in political direction on the major issues of the country. If Mr. Harper is prepared, in the context of a minority government, to change his direction on fundamental questions, we can continue. But we have no evidence that he will do that, so Canadians will be obliged to pronounce themselves on that direction."
Jack Layton
January, 2008

"We're not ruling in or out any particular parliamentary strategy,"
Ralph Goodale
Liberal House Leader
January, 2008

-Layton Pushing For Federal Election
-Liberals continue to wobble about tactics to topple Tories

Right wing crap may be deleted.

I am so sick of the wishy-washy Liberals! I mean, it's time to shit or get off the pot, already, isn't it? Or is it that they ultimately *do* like what the Harper is doing to our country?

I mean, that must be it, eh? They *like* what the neocons are doing.

I think the Liberals are quite happy having Harper and Co. do the dirty "conservative" policy implementation on issues like social programs, corporate tax cuts, etc... it appeases the large right-of-centre contingent. Then they can fight an election on social issues, hope to sweep back into power and not have to do any of those things themselves, yet at the same time they won't move to repeal them either.

There’s nothing like the Liberal Gong show.

The New Democrats are always ready for a campaign. That’s all they live for.

We have NO choice.

We live in a world where the President of the USA and his admin told over 900 lies in public speeches and releases in order to start a war (to get oil) - add to that we have a Prime Minister who has his nose so far up Bush's lyin' butt ... repeating the lies!

"We have NO choice"

Pack up your bags and leave.

Just kidding ;-)

huff - be honest. If you lived in the USA last election and were old enough to vote - you would have voted for George Bush wouldn't you?

Do you really expect me to answer that?

I have told you before and I will tell you again. I don't talk about American politics.

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