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Thursday, January 10, 2008 

Taser Inc. Wants To Market To Canadian Public

"We have a hurdle right now, and that's to re-educate the Canadian public on Tasers."
Stephen Tuttle
Vice-President Communications

LAS VEGAS -- The makers of the Taser want Canadians to be able to buy the personal defence version of the popular stun gun, including the new female-friendly pink, red and leopard-print models announced this week.

Ottawa Sun

Wow! Sounds like a great idea!

Non-lethal (mostly) stunning of bank officials right at a bank robber's fingertips.

(Well, okay, it's not like bank robbers has been shown to use legal pepper spray/bear mace for the same purpose; what I'm getting at here is that they may be some unforeseen consequences of selling tasers to the public.)

So Taser wants to re-educate us, eh?

They can electrocute themselves where the sun don't shine.

If they are going to market them in Canada, I wonder what kind of disclaimers they would have to write about using them. Like a disclaimer for using the taser against another person will also get you a charge of assalt. I cringe just thinking about all the sick things a civillian could do with one of those things.

Recent times have shown just how powerful the Taser lobby is hear in Canada and with a Conservative government in power it could be possible that these things could be available at the local Walmart.

You care about those Tasers a lot don't you Leftdog.

I stand neutral on this issue until someone makes good argument from one side or the other on this.

there is something seriously wrong with your life if you need to color coordinate your taser to your clothes.

"I stand neutral on this issue until someone makes good argument from one side or the other on this."

HUH!????? Huff ... how many deaths are required before your 'neutrality' is breached????? Right wing thinking always lacks logic!

And now they have the Tazer MP3. So you can listen to your favorite tunes while electricuting someone. No need to hear the screaming just listen along to your favorite song and watch you victim dance to the beat.


Yes, they seriously have a MP3 Tazer.

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