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Saturday, March 01, 2008 

Conservative Agriculture Minister Says He Has A 'Big Hammer'!

With the typical bullying that has become business as usual for the Harper Conservatives, Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz once again threatened farmers and warned that the Federal government will not relent it its advancement of unfettered free market ideological priorities!

" ... if we have to use a hammer we'll get out a big one."
Hon. Gerry Ritz
Minister of Agriculture

-CBC Saskatchewan
-Regina Leader-Post
-Leader-Post Opinion
-Globe & Mail

Buckdog has acquired a photo of Minister Gerry Ritz's so called 'BIG HAMMER'!!

The Wheat Board ruling and the Cadman affair both spell trouble for the Conservatives.

Add to that, the general mood in Alberta which shall be borne out by the provincial election returns, and you have the ingredients for a slide in the polls. Harper is going to feel that bite real soon. Who shall make the election happen? Who shall bell the cat?

Just a question: Is there enough of a shift in the mood of the prairie provinces that would cause Harper to lose enough seats and return to the opposition ranks?

Two years into Harper's minority government, people here are still mildly hesitant to let him have a full blown majority. His manner is perceived as too strident, not as 'diplomatic' as is acceptable here.

The Cadman Affair and the CWB matter have the attention of westerners. Harper is perceived here as being a bit too overbearing and he will pay a price.

If Harper dropped all of the hard right ideological crap, the West would give him his majority.

There is a perception amongst:
-western Conservatives
-Canadian Taxpayers Federation types
-Fraser Institute types
-smalldeadanimal types
-Ezra Levant types
-Poli-Sci Faculty, U. of Calgary

... that their extreme right wing, unfettered free market ideology is main stream here in the West. It is not! That is their major weakness ... they assume that their friends and neighbours agree with their HARD RIGHT thinking. Most, quietly reject this kind of thinking .. but by and large remain 'diplomatic' and do not speak up too loudly. Loud voices in the West are left to Right Wingers!

That's utter nonsense. Everyone knows Ritz is a little prick.

"We just want the right to sell our product when we want at the price that we decide it right for us."
This is the line being feed.
It will read when reality sets in the following---We just want the right to ---buy--- our product when we want at the price that we decide it right for us.
Gargill and ADM vs biggest farmer in Alberta. Guess who will win.
The real issue here is giving in to the corporate lobby in the USA."

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