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Sunday, March 02, 2008 

Albertans Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow we will see if anyone can shake up the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party who have been in power in that province since 1971!

-Voters urged to junk 'rust bucket' tory government

-Are Calgary and Edmonton trading loyalties?

-Calgary vital to Conservatives

-Calgary giving Tories cold shoulder

Many of us already voted for change!

Let's hope that many more do tomorrow as well!

That's a great family portrait! Love the black and white!

It's one of those 'a picture is worth a 1000 words' things.

I didn't know you had a brother!

my family votes CCF .. that's you and harbinger!

I hate to break it to you Leftdog but the The CCF merged with the labour movement in 1961. Its Now Called the NDP.

huffb1 - david and I were talking about my CCF ancestors versus his 'conservative' anscestors!

41 years is going to be a new record isn’t it.

No I think that there was a longer running government in Ontario.

Thats true Leftdog. I think the PCs were there for 42 years. IF the PCs in Alberta get re elected again then its a record.

But even though you are a Conservative huffb1 ... do you actually believe that it is healthy in a democracy to NEVER change ... to keep the same crew in for 40 years?

The old Reform Party (which Albertans voted for Federally for years) had 'term limits' as one of their key planks.

Look at the USA where no president can have more than 2 terms, yet Alberta never changes.

It is NOT healthy in a democracy for the same party to always be in power.

Leftdog my position on that is the same as yours. It’s not healthy. Alberta needs a true Conservative Alternative Like the WRA. There not ready yet though.

Wild Rose Alliance Party!!!?? Huffb1 ... for a young guy, where do you get all of the extreme right wing stuff that you believe? I simply can't understand how a young person, who should be stepping out and experiencing as many new things in the world as possible, can end up with such extreme conservative views?

Extreme? I’m a moderate conservative compared to some. I don't hold any socially conservative views.

. . .and if enough Albertans get out and vote, they might even get a real government.

huffb1 .. the Wild Rose Alliance Party is certainly NOT a MODERATE conservative party!!!!

Not right now. But they will have to be to form Government some day!

Holy Smokes! PCs are wipeing The Liberals out! 72 seats! that is higher then I expected.

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