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Monday, April 28, 2008 

'There is something about Stephen Harper I just don’t like.'

A new Canadian Press-Harris-Decima survey suggests 55 per cent of respondents felt Harper doesn’t offer much optimism or inspiration.

Another 55 per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: "There is something about Stephen Harper I just don’t like."

53 per cent said they felt the Tories don’t care about the same issues they do.

Meanwhile .. Mr. Dithers 2.0 is shaking in his boots, nervously fidgeting and completely abandoning his role as Leader of the Official OPPOSITION!!!

Perhaps Dion should step down and let Ignatieff or Rae be acting leader until the next leadership convention after the next election.

Much as I respect Dion, and I also admired his father's writings, he should realize he doesn't have the spine required of a leader.

It should not be hard to make that transition and it could stop a number of Liberals from not running next time round. MPs need a leader to rally round. Dion is not that type of person.

I agree completely David. If Dion wanted to do what was best for his party he would step down immediately and hand the reigns to someone who is actually capable of leading the official opposition.

I admit I didn't pay much attention to the Liberals' leadership race so maybe I'm missing something, but I can't understand why they picked Dion in the first place.

Dion only had about 18% support going into the leadership race. If it wasn't for other candidates votes that swung over to him at the last minute, he wouldn't have won.

No way Dion will cave, he knows there won't be an election until the fixed date, as is the law.

And I guess you've never actually met the prime minister or Laureen and the children. Don't worry I can tell you from first hand experience they are much closer to the average family that the media portrays the man and his family to be.

More telling is the collapse of the left under the direct tutelage of Jack Layton while the green party continues to canibalize the NDP and soft Liberal support.

Harper is a control freak. That has vividly been displayed by him in his dealings with the media and parliament itself. I am sure that he has an absolutely wonderful 'Father Knows Best' family life ...

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