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Thursday, April 24, 2008 

Why Is Maxime Bernier Still Minister Of Foreign Affairs???

The only Conservative Member of Parliament who was probably happy to see the RCMP raid on Conservative Party headquarters was Minister Maxime Bernier ... because it got the heat off him for a few days.

The question still remains though as to why this incompetent minister is still sitting at the Cabinet table, and representing our great nation around the globe?

As the Conservatives continue to do damage control concerning the RCMP raid, there is some behind the scenes efforts to try and salvage Bernier as a minister.

Firstly, Minster Bev Oda has been in Afghanistan desperately trying to mend fences with both the Afghani government and the Governor of Khandahar province.

Secondly, the PMO is obviously calling in favours from the likes of the Ottawa Citizen to shore up and justify the complete gaff that Bernier made in his portfolio.

Harper's electoral fortunes will live or die in Quebec. He is desperate to keep Bernier on for all of the politics that having a Quebecer as Minister of Foreign Affairs can bring to him. The question remains, however; why Is Maxime Bernier still Minister Of Foreign Affairs???

Not to be overly crass, but I think I know.

It's because the Conservative talent pool is as shallow as piss on concrete.

Check the bios of all the Conservative MPs and find out how few of them have had cabinet experience--at the federal level.

There isn't one.

Several have had provincial experience, but the conservatives have FAILED so often to form any type of government that they have no experience in the administrative end of things.

Add to that the fact that a lot of liberal minded civil servants left and went back to the private sector because they didn't want to work for a Harper government. That means that there was a talent shortage at the civil service side also.

Two years and some months on and Harper still hasn't moved anywhere in the polls or in the public esteem. And of course all the backstairs connivances and executive diktats from the throne room do nothing to curry favour with Mr/Mrs Canada and the folks out in the back of beyond.

Go to Blast Furnace Canada and read the Why I Don't Like Harper article. He sums up my views exactly.

The only thing that has progressed since his coming to office has been his waistline and the only action he's good at--other than slagging everybody else--is stuffing that already bloated face that has the Karla Homolka tombstone eyes.

The sooner he's gone, the better.

Exactly Kitch. Who's left? Pierre? Holy!

I had the same thought. Who else would you rather see as Minister of Foreign Affairs? Gordon O'Connor? Garry Ritz? Rod Anders?

Jason Kenney wants it! Remember when he was telling everyone that he was going to get Foreign Affairs?

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