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Wednesday, April 23, 2008 

Finance Minister Flaherty Under Investigation By Ethics Commissioner

Well it's Wednesday and time for yet ANOTHER CONSERVATIVE SCANDAL!

The House of Commons Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, has advised Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty that he is under investigation. In fact, Flaherty has now admitted that his office broke government contracting rules when it hired Hugh MacPhie and paid him $122,000 without tender to write the budget speech last year and provide communications advice.

-Globe & Mail
-CTV News

(Memo to self: - do a blog post to encourage Liberal Members of Parliament to do their bloody jobs and throw these damned Tory crooks out so that we can have an Election!)

oopsie! Read the opinion piece in Torstar by Chantel, and I kinda scratched my head. What's up with her?

I don't get it. Flaherty did it yet again. Skirted rules and regulations for yet another time since he got into cabinet with Mike Harris in 1995.

It's becoming habit forming for the chap.

But how can these things happen when the management of money and the obedience to cabinet rules are PART OF HIS CABINET REMIT?

Slow learner or power addicted or what? Shouldn't he be out of cabinet until he learns how to govern himself? Or is he so self-importantly exempt from any explanation to anyone like a civil servant prole?

Remember Stockwell Day's initiative that 3% of the population with an initiative or bone to pick with the government could force the government to deliberate the issue? And Rick Mercer's petition to get Stockwell to change his first name to Doris?
Well, what if 3% of Canadians signed a petition to get rid of Flaherty? And make the government deliberate it.

We can dream can't we?

Flaherty and his ilk, BAH!

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