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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

Tory Pride Goeth Before Their Fall!

With all of the crap and nonsense coming from the Conservative Party over their scam to bilk taxpayers AND to exceed election spending limits, there is one question that needs to be asked. If their officials and paid professional communications advisers were raising doubts and concerns, why did no one from the Party Office phone Elections Canada at the time and ASK THEM if their proposed plan would be allowable under the regulations?
They did not.
They are too arrogant.
They are in a heap of trouble and they deserve it!!

"While our thinking is that this option would be legal, we are not certain beyond all reasonable doubt."
Andrew Krumpf
Retail Media
December 6, 2005

"(The Conservatives) may be spending up to their legal limit on this campaign. They are also thinking of 'switching' some of the (advertising) time over to the ridings ... Details are sketchy and I am not sure how national or regional TV could constitute a riding expense unless all of the ridings in a region pooled expenses."
David Campbell
Advertising Executive
December 8, 2005

"We always follow the law as it has been interpreted."
Prime Minster Stephen Harper

Note Harper's words ... he qualifies HOW Conservatives 'always follow the law' ... they follow it according to how they interpret it! Stephen, one phone call to Elections Canada to inquire as to the rules would have prevented ALL of this. But like a bloody adolescent caught doing something wrong, he is going to hold his ground and 'deny - deny - deny'!

-CTV News

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