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Friday, May 30, 2008 

Thank Dion For Every Day That Harper Remains Our Prime Minister

Frankly I am getting a little tired of the totally phony position adopted by Stephane Dion and his Liberal Caucus on the Bernier matter.

Harper remains defiant and arrogant in the face of questions on the scandal for one simple reason - the Liberals are going to continue to vote/abstain strategically to allow the Conservatives to remain in power.

The Conservative Party of Canada has lost all moral authority to govern us. They were without a majority to begin with and have now descended into typical tory shenanigans. They should be put out of power today. Period. If Harper thought that his government could fall over this scandal, he would be singing a different tune and some form of official inquiry would occur simply to get the heat off of his administration. However, because the Liberal Caucus is going to continue to allow Harper to govern, he will continue to thumb his nose at Canadians over the Bernier matter!

Liberals will say, 'oh , Canadians don't want an election now' .... or privately they will remind each other that a Liberal majority is not in the cards at the moment so they will simply continue to let Harper do whatever he wants.

As bad as the Conservatives are, the Liberals are equally as bad for not doing the correct thing here and sending Harper packing, hat in hand to try and explain to Canadians why he should be given a new, fresh mandate.

Liberals can blame themselves for every misguided thing Harper and his incompetent crew do from here on in. As a New Democrat, I look forward to the day when I can remind Canadians that it was Liberals who allowed this nonsense to continue on unabated!

Liberals question Bernier timeline

"Liberals will say, 'oh , Canadians don't want an election now'"

Damn skippy! This is nothing but projection: Liberals don't want an election, therefore 'Canadians' certainly don't want one.

This is getting to be a very tiresome argument. Despite the obvious failings of this backward, closed-minded, corrupt, small-c Republican-lite government, support for Dion continues to fall in every measure (if his popularity is diluted any further, they'll have to display him beside the skim milk).

Just what is it with the Liberals and their childish fantasy of waiting until the populace discovers the magical powers of the electability of Stephane Dion? Every time they support Harpo or abstain from the tough issues, it just shows them to be the same as Tories, sans backbone.

Do you believe Harper would be reelected if there were an election called today?

I believe we would see a very small Liberal minority - with a reduced Bloc Caucus, the Conservatives as Official Opposition with an increased NDP Caucus and NO Greens!

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