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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 

Barons Of Wall Street Prove Their Lack Of Ethics And Principles By NOT Offering Anything To Fix The Mess They Created!

As the US Congress struggles with a proposal to advance $700 Billion of CORPORATE WELFARE to the bankers and investors of Wall Street, we have NOT heard one word from the bankers and financiers as to what THEY PROPOSE to put on the line to help remedy the mess they, themselves, have created.

Lower than low, these financial wizards have brought the world to the edge of financial disaster as a result of their greed and lust for capital. The barons of Wall Street, Bay Street and mega-capitalists everywhere deserve our contempt and disgust.

As they sit in their ivory towers, waiting for the wage earners of America to bail them out with precious tax dollars, these financiers offer nothing in the way of an ante which they are prepared to put on the table to bring us back from the edge!

Reaganomics is now proven to be a failed ideology. It failed because human greed and thievery trumps belief in a responsible market. Decades of tax cuts to business and deregulation have given us what we have today.

Open the books. Jail the crooks!

While I don't disagree with you assertion that Wall Street lacks ethics, I have to point out that what caused the melt down in the US were sub- prime mortgages to low income people to buy homes. Many of these loans were only charging interest, at less than prime, for the first fives years. When the mortgages came do and had to be renewed at normal interest rates plus principle, many people couldn't afford the new payments and went in to default.
If you are a fan of Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac or Barack Obama, you don't want to dig too deep into this one.

That's right. Here we have the kitchen table being asked to provide breakfast, lunch, and supper to the boardroom table.

I think they need to unhold all of their ASSETS, empty their bank accounts both here and abroad, to QUALIFY for welfare.

Furthermore, they need to take corporate ethics training.

Finally, they need to do lots of community work for free - you know workcorp. No free rides for these boys!

Trent ... "Barack Obama" ... your attempts to put this on Obama is ridiculous!!

Trent... I'm sure you looked into the campaign manager of John McCain and his ties to Fanny and Freddie. Even Katie Couric had asked Sarah Palin the question about his ties but of course Sarah flubbed the answer like the true shipwreck she is.

Trent's right dog...if the government hadn't promised Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac decades ago that they would make good on their debts, they wouldn't have taken such huge amounts of risk.

Heck, if you had a twisted mind, government intervention 30 years caused this crisis, not Reaganomics.

This is why im a cynical bastard dog. Its not the time to bander about antiquated ideological solutions to this crisis, whether they come from the left or right.

The problem, my friends, is that massive banks and insurance companies got greedy. Now, what astounds me is that the American government can come up with 700 billion dollars within a couple of days to bail out these despicable motherfuckers, but when their own citizens are suffering because of a dysfunctional health care system, the urgency disappears. Something is seriously wrong here. Why is it that we put so much trust in these short sighted, self-interested corporations? It astounds me.

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