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Friday, October 03, 2008 

Chickens Come Home To Roost For Dion After Supporting Harper 43 TIMES In Parliamentary Votes!

Dion is a WEAK leader - his performance in the last Parliament was GUTLESS!

Dear Mr. Dion;
Yours truly,
The Canadian People

-Will The Harper - Dion Coalition Government Continue For Another Year?

-Dion's Liberals Will Allow Harper's Conservative Government To Continue In Power With Votes Tonight

-Thank Dion For Every Day That Harper Remains Our Prime Minister

Funny, and the Conservatives are trying to start a meme today claiming the NDP will align with the Liberals to bring a carbon tax (shift) and only the Conservatives can protect *faint* Canadians.

Interesting Janke is the top referrer to this video, don't you think? Funny, how you post video clips made by Taylor and promoted by Janke, so often in this campaign. It's almost as if the NDP are working with a different party...

So you want me to ignore this clip because I am a New Democrat and the person who posted it is not! ... ??
Unfortunatly the TRUTH is painful for Dion no matter who exposes it!

Is it any more curious that you shill for May and the Greens but are a Liblogger ... It's almost as if you are working with a different party ...

It was *so* foolish of Dion to take a run at Layton on Afghanistan. He should have stuck to attacking Prime Minister Steve.

Dion should stick to attacking Harper. They have cried wolf too many times in the past. If they want the votes of Canadians, then earn them.

Jack Layton is doing a great job.

Dion's scare machine can't afford the gas

Leftdog, I'm a Saskatchewan Liberal, duh?

I prefer to support the party with the best platform, and one without too many reasons to doubt that they aren't sincere.

Well Saskboy I AM NO Conservative. You know that!! And if you think it was a good thing for Dion to have his Federal Caucus abstain 43 times to let Harper do what he wants .. then who is it that you should be accusing of co-operating with the bloody Conservatives!!

The Liberals made their bed. They either voted or hid behind the curtains so that Harper could stay in power. I wonder what the Libs felt like when they supported Harper's immigration bill?

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