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Wednesday, December 03, 2008 

Is Harper A Pathological Liar? (The 'Separatists')

We interrupt this post for another very important story!!

(Reg Downs ... Saskatchewan Party official who had possession of STOLEN Regina City Police files!! - Still on the public payroll)

-Saskatchewan Party Gives Conflicting Stories On How Their Chief Of Staff, Reg Downs, Came Into Possession Of Stolen Police Reports!

-Saskatchewan Justice Minister In Hot Water Over How Stolen Police Reports Got Into The Hands Of The Saskatchewan Party!

-Sask Party Justice Minister Caught Giving False Version Of 'Stolen Police Files' Story!

Here is a copy of the e-brochure the Conservatives issued in Quebec, bragging about the amount of support they have received from the Bloc Quebecois ... (The 'Separatists')!!

1) The Bloc (separatists) voted with Stephen Harper's Conservatives more than 140 times from April, 2006 - Sept, 2008!
2) The Bloc (separatists) voted for Harper's 2006 federal Budget! (Hansard, May 10, 2006)
3) The Bloc (separatists) voted for Harper's 2007 federal Budget! (Hansard, March 27, 2007)
4) The Bloc (separatists) supported Harper's Motion recognizing that the Quebecois form a 'Nation within a unified Canada' (Hansard, Nov, 27, 2007)

Identifying a Pathological Liar
They "construct" a reality around themselves.
They don't value the truth, especially if they don't see it as hurting anyone. If you call them on a lie and they are backed into a corner, they will act very defensively and say ugly things (most likely but depends on personality), but they may eventually start to act like, "Well, what's the difference? You're making a big deal out of nothing!" (again, to refocus the conversation to your wrongdoing instead of theirs).

"In a time of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

George Orwell

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