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Monday, December 22, 2008 

Pamela Wallin says she'll run in Sask. Senate election campaign! HUH? She hasn't lived in Saskatchewan for 29 years!!!!

Give me a break! Our fibbing Prime Minster Harper, has appointed Pamela Wallin as a Senator from Saskatchewan! HUH? She hasn't lived here since 1979 ... that's 29 years by my reckoning!

AND .. to help our right wing Premier Wall save face (he has already announced that in 2011 Saskatchewan voters were going to 'elect' a Senator from this fair province) ... Wallin says that she will come back to this province and 'run' for Senator!

"Saskatchewan's newest senator-to-be says she will resign her appointed seat and run as a candidate when the province holds elections for Senate nominees. Pamela Wallin, a former broadcaster and diplomat, was one of 18 Senate appointments announced Monday by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A vacancy for a Saskatchewan senator was created earlier this year when Len Gustafson reached the mandatory retirement age of 75."

Hmmmm .... I may just have to throw my hat in the ring and run against her!!

Go Leftdog - everyday person vs elite.

Intriguing question:

Does Ms. Wallin own property in Saskatchewan?

If not, she is in violation of S. 23 of the Constitution which requires that the Senator own property in the province that they allegedly represent.

I get the idea that all the appointments are sneeringly cynical on Harper's part.

He has no respect for the land or its people; no respect for parliamentary custom and practice.

In the spirit of the season I say:

Bah, humbug to you Stephen!

Does Ms. Wallin own property in Saskatchewan?

If not, she is in violation of S. 23 of the Constitution which requires that the Senator own property in the province that they allegedly represent.

That is an excellent point MgS.

Ask yourself this question MgS, if you know that someone needs to own property you would imagine that the PM and the appointees would know the same thing, right? Since they started "reporting" that there would be senate appointments I think there was probably a minor flurry of land purchases to ensure all was on the up and up... but you can always investigate if it makes you feel good.


Orwell was a "Right wing extremism " in the highest order. It is rather silly to quote him, of all people, at the end of your disclaimer.
Read upon old T.C. Douglas, I am sure you can get a quote or two from him. Although, I have to warn you, you won't like what you read.

In all likelihood Pamela Wallin has already secured title to an outhouse property in "No-Shame", Saskatchewan.

Trent .... your convoluted right wing thinking continues to advance the illogical. If you would for one minute actually READ the Orwell quote .. and understand it's relevance to Canada's current political system ... with the outrageous LIES that your Leader Harper continues to bring to the Canadian people.

Telling the truth is indeed revolutionary at this time in Canadian history with the ongoing dishonest of Harper.

Actually Pamela does own property in Saskatchewan and is here right now as we speak for Christmas. She still does and always has, lived part time in Wadena, the town where she grew up.

Pamela actually does have property in Saskatchewan and is here right now for Christmas. She still does and always has lived part time in Wadena, the town where we both grew up. I think she will be wonderful in the senate as her and Mike Duffy have more political experience, as outsider be it but more than any other senator in there. If she runs for elected senate here in Saskatchewan, she'll win.

Pamela is in Saskatchewan right now as we speak, for Christmas. She does and always has lived here although only part time since about 1983. Yes she does own property here, very close to me, not far from where we both grew up. If she runs for senate here, she will win. I think her and Mike Duffy have more political experience than any one else in senate although as outsiders. She will do wonders in senate and give it 200% just like in everything else she does. She is a brilliant lady.

prairiefire79, I see these are your very first posts on Blogger. Do you work in Harper's office or Brad Wall's office?

Prairiefire...don't mind dog...he's just not used to new people commenting on his site.

Actually, the problem is that I do not value 'uninformed' opinion as much as I value 'informed' opinion. By and large, when I get right wingers on this site, they tell me what they 'think' not what they KNOW!

As someone once said, 'opinions are like assholes ... everyone has one.' The endless, mindless, posts that you see on some prominent right wing blogs may be entertaining, but they reflect the mindless ramblings of adolescents who need to turn their computers off once in awhile and go outside for a walk or something.

Dwayne writes:

Ask yourself this question MgS, if you know that someone needs to own property you would imagine that the PM and the appointees would know the same thing

Given the outright lies and obvious disregard that Harper has for Canada's government and Constitution, I wouldn't put anything past him. He's shown himself to be the most intellectually dishonest Prime Minister this country has seen - eclipsing Brian Mulroney in less than half the time.

No I do not work for Harper or Wall. Harper is a puttz. I'm a ticketed Liberal member. Just a friend of Pamela.

I am not sure if my responses will show on here because I replied to the individual email. So here is what I replied.

I do not support Harper and Wall has done nothing to tick me off. I am a liberal party member, both provincial and federal. I am just a good friend of Pamela.

I do not value those who blast out and say that my opinion is uninformed. I do not think you could find a better informed opinion on Pamela any where, we've been best friends for 55 years, she was in my wedding party. I know more information about her than any you will find in any publication or on the internet. My information is all first hand, right from the horses mouth. I don;t think you can get anymore informed than that.

Pamela is a very good person and will do what is right for the people. So far she is the only person that has stated she will run for senate in an election. If the senate reform passes, those already holding a seat can stay until they have to retire leave, they do not have to be re-elected. Pamela is the only one that has said she would step down to run to be elected. I think that says it a lot about her.

Tommmy Douglas could have been appointed in absentia and would have thrown the "corporate welfare bums" out!
No corporate bailouts.


she said she is going to run.

In the meantime, she will represent Saskatchewan instead of an empty chair.

wallin is the only appointee who has accepted to run in an election.

that is ebtter than the other 17 imo

There is only one political party that has the correct policy for dealing with this embarrassment to our nation.

And you call Canada a democracy? Our Parliament is locked and all laws have to be approved by a group of APPOINTED Conservatives and Liberal hacks!

Give me a break!

Nice or not, it doesn't matter ... PAMELA WALLIN IS A FREELOADER!

im sure the4 NDP gave up senate reform for 6 cabinet posts also leftdog

didnt you get the memo?

to get a shred of power, the NDP would give up anything!

Antonio .. too bad you don't hold the Liberal party to the same high standards that you hold the New Democrats too!

I don't think that Wallin is a freeloader in any way shape or form. She does not need the money and is giving of her time to serve Canada.

What's so difficult about saying thanks for the service?


Harper is a total hypocrite, not unlike a lot of politicians...but his sanctimony is going to come back to haunt him. Can't have a coalition supported by separatists, but its okay to appoint a separatist to the Senate...ARGH!!!

If only I was a brain dead Fundamentalist, then maybe I could understand the logic behind all the contradictions...damn brain.


Pat .. I should have stressed that I consider the entire concept of Canada's Liberal/Conservative Senate offensive, and they are all freeloading.

In 8 years, won't she be 75 and have to retire?

in 8 years? She's only 55, she has 19 years and 4 1/2 months she could serve.

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