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Sunday, December 07, 2008 

Stephen Harper Shouldn't Get To Be Dictator Of Canada Simply Because His Supporters Are Ignorant And Can Yell Loudly!

"I am a Canadian citizen standing up for democracy. I cannot understand this -- seven weeks ago, we went to the polls and we duly elected Prime Minister Harper. We elected the Conservative party to run this government."
Debbie Jodoin
(Assistant to Saskatchewan Conservative MP Rob Clarke
and one of the organizers of the Ottawa Pr0-Harper demonstration on Saturday)

It is a sad time in Canadian affairs when our more illiterate fellow citizens are being whipped into a frenzy by the LIES of Stephen Harper and his Conservative Members of Parliament. Notice how ignorant this Jodoin person is. She 'thinks' Harper was 'duly elected to run this government." No, you ignorant idiot, he was elected with the largest block of seats and therefore has the first shot at HOLDING government if he can win a majority of votes in the Parliament. He can't! ... So what have you Consevatives done? Well you have locked the doors of Parliament and democracy is on 'hold' in Canada.

Don't think for one second that we are going to be okay in this nation. These authoritarian Conservatives have already shut down Canada's parliament, and with their extensive war chest, continue a campaign of misinformation to further divide Canadians. For average Canadians, sitting back and believing that somehow this is all going to simply work itself out is a dangerous gamble.

Democracy is not safe in Canada. It barely exists at the moment.

You might want to change the numbers for the Saskatoon Rally; I was there and we had well over 200 people. As a citizen journalist you probably should strive to be accurate if you want to maintain credibility.
There was also about 15 coalition supporters there.

It is an absolute travesty that so far the PMO has largely escaped the scrutiny of the main stream media for their role in effectively wire tapping a private meeting of Members of Parliament.

The differences between the PMOs listening in on a Caucus Meeting of the Federal NDP and those of the hired goons that bugged the DNC at the Watergate Hotel in 1972 lay only with the method of data transmission.

As Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has access to vast amounts of information about each and every Canadian.

Given the fact that he has approved of effectively wiretapping an NDP Caucus meeting, there is no question left about this mans ethics.

He has none.

Given his position and the lack of attention to this act, casts a chill down my spine. The lack of coverage is indicative of the lowering of the bar over the past three decades as to what is acceptable in pursuit of public office.

This is very scary.

Trent! Your side did NOT have over 200 people in Sktoon! Be honest ... although it seems to me that Conservative supporters are NOT capable of honesty at the moment!

Your entire arguments for Harper continuing in power are based on LIES!!
-Example one
-Example two

Didn't your mother teach you to tell the truth? If Mrs. Harper tried to teach Stephen to tell the truth, she screwed up big time!!!

Brian ... I agree totally!

Didn't you mean Harpo is not deserving of a majority backed by the vast number of ignoramuses who understand precious little of their lived reality? If so, I agree entirely.

As for Trent, get thee to a numerically relevbaant doctor. 200, 300, 500? I am sorry but what is the population of S'toon? 175,00-200,000 (with outlying communities)? So what are you qubbling about? Either 1.0% or (unlikely as it is) 1.3% of the ENTIRE population showed up to support Herr Harpo & his Reichstag wannabe's. Big deal. Bet your local bar featuring "insert banal name here" last night attracted more!

Trent: How about focusing on the POINT of leftdog's post? Hint: It wasn't about the size of the anti-coalition protest. If you had 1,000 there, your side would still be wrong.

Have to agree with Trent.

Yeah ... lock the doors of Canada's Parliament because your lying leader thinks he should be allowed to have a majority government with a minority of seats!

You right wingers are all making a huge mistake! You think you are being 'democratic' but as it stands, 36% of the people of Canada are dictating to the rest of the nation! Shame on you - bunch of ignorant fascists! Go get some education and stop being so ignorant!

@huffb1: So, you agree with Trent on the completely irrelevant point that (he says) there were more than 200 at the rally?
Thanks for the input. Now why don't address the point of leftdog's post?


During the last election both Stephane Dion and Jack Layton were asked point blank if they would ever form a governing coalition with one another and they both emphatically said NO.
I believe that if the Canadian people knew there was a potential coalition government lurking that they would have voted differently.
It looks like the Conservative Government will fall in January, when that happens we will most likely be going to the polls, again. At that time we will once again hear what the citizens of Canada want, and if it is a Liberal/NDP coaliation, so be it. I truly and sincerely hope that if such a government is elected that it is successful in making Canada an even more prosperous country than it already is. Although I do have my doubts that the citizens of Canada would ever elect such leadership. Or that such a government would be successful in holding together more than a few months.

BTW, there were at LEAST 200 people at the Saskatoon rally.

I am becoming increasingly alarmed.

I am finding people that I know, that normally consider themselves Liberal or NDP supporters, buying into the conservative propaganda.

Even after I re-educate them on how our parliamentary system works, they are still saying, "but Dion didn't win".

People aren't getting it. The propaganda is working.

These are scary times.

Trent ... why don't you put what Harper has said through the same scrutiny that you want to put Layton and Dion through?

Stephen Harper is a bold faced, pathological liar and he is the most dangerous politician in Canada!


There are certain issues that I have always agreed with you on, like the RCMP being out of control with their tasers, your opposition to deficit spending and your stand against corporate welfare. Yet here you are SUPPORTING a plan to put Canada into deficit budgets in order to give huge corporate welfare cheques to the big three and others!
As far as the politicians lying, get over it! If you expect the type of ego maniacs that run for office not to lie to you the way Jack Layton, Stephane Dion and Stephen Harper do on a regular basis you are going to have one hell of a disappointing life.
As far as me standing by the CPC the way you blindly support the NDP, I can say it will never happen. While I do tolerate a certain amount of b.s. from them, I would NEVER put up with the total reversal of policy that you are supporting from the NDP.
I can honestly say that if the Conservatives EVER go back to the deficit spending that we saw in the 1970's to the 1990's I will put a red sign in my yard so quick it will make your head spin! And don't doubt it, I was never a member of the Reform Party, instead I belonged to the Liberals right up to Ad-Scam, so I would not find it hard to go back. The Liberals still send me Christmas cards.

"I can honestly say that if the Conservatives EVER go back to the deficit spending ..." ah Trent ... hold onto your chair ... we are ALREADY in deficit!!! Official announcements will be along shortly!

Point one: Had I known that the two parties best placed to oppose Harper and the Party Formerly Known as Reform were able to consider co-operating, I'd have voted Liberal instead of my "other" pick.

Because Harper can't seem to get past his own pathological need for power long enough to mouth the word "compromise," with any sincerity. Yet in any democracy, and particularly a minority government, compromise is utterly necessary.

You'd have thought Harper's previous agreement with the Bloc Quebecois would have taught him that ... sorry, I meant "the seperatistas."

If Dion was to remain leader of the LPC, I'd take issue with Harper's equally pathological inability to tell the truth versus Dion's failure to communicate clearly. But it's no longer important.

Point two:
As to the deficit position, Stephen Harper has already reneged on that campaign ... "commitment" (it apparently wasn't a promise).

His budget as presented in Commons barely yields a surplus, but a) assumed he was going to get away with gutting $30m in public financing of elections, and b) assumed also that the general health of the economy was much more robust than it currently is.

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