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Saturday, January 17, 2009 

A Big Thank You To The University of Saskatchewan College Of Veterinary Medicine

I spent a big part of today racing from Regina to Saskatoon on treacherous and icy roads, rushing an injured pet to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine Hospital. Due to the possible neurological consequences of the injury, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was the place my vet suggested I rush to.

Once there, I was dealt with by friendly, compassionate, capable staff and students who took charge of my personal dilemma.

Even though I am a crusty, miserable Left winger, (who whines and bitches a lot) and although my abrasive and sometimes aggressive ways have acquired me many political enemies, I am also a big old softy when it comes to the suffering of a poor dumb creature who depends on me totally for its well being.

Now, even though we are not out of the woods yet with the consequences of this injury and necessary emergency surgery, I want to thank everyone at the U of S Faculty of Veterinary Medicine who came to the rescue for me and my dog today.

Thank you!

I hope your pet will be OK -- keep us posted if you can.
Yes, the vet staff at the college are great, aren't they.

Hey, you sound OK to me. Hope your dog is going to be OK. Sending all the good vibes your way.

Leftdog.....although I vehemently disagree with your political philosophy I figure a guy that loves dogs can't be all bad. There's a bit of bad in the best of us and a bit of good in the worst of us. Hope you're dog recovers and goes on to lead a long and happy life. Yes the Vet College is the BEST!

Best of luck...Mooner

Some Old Guy (also crusty), who is presently blessed with the comfort of two geriatric dogs and who, over the years, has had many cats and dogs and (hence) much contact with the local vets and once, with the U of S Vet Medicine vets, joins with you in the salute.

Goddammit, they give us so much. And here I am referring to not only our pets, but the vets who care for them.

Thanks everyone.

Here is the little girl that is in the Saskatoon Veterinary hospital with a possible prolapsed disk in her back.

She is hanging in and I have decided to let them operate.

Hope she recovers well.

btw- nice Riders scarf in the picture :)

Thanks huffb1 ... I take her to Roughrider practices in the summer. I love the way that huge 6'6" gigantic football players stop and talk 'baby' talk to my little dog.

The bigger the football player, the softer their heart is for a little 4 year old female dog with a Rider bandana on!

Again, huff, thanks!

Good luck to your pet.

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