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Friday, January 14, 2011 

..... that little maggot he's a fillionaire ....

I think that the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council needs to create a historical category wherein it is acknowledged that some archaic, yet historical songs, tunes, books etc., may not pass muster by today's acceptability standards yet they constitute part of our historical development and need a place in the archives of our culture.

The American book, 'Huckleberry Finn' should also be considered in a similar category as well.

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CRTC Asks CBSC To Review 'Ban' Decision

If this kind os censorshipr is allowed to persist, where does it end? Will historical passages such as this soon disappear?

See: http://books.google.ca/books?id=PG8BAAAAQAAJ&pg=PA212&img=1&zoom=3&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U3rv6IEFhEwVWnPAwutxGD7byTETQ&ci=189%2C1040%2C731%2C299&edge=0

Nobody is censoring anyone. The broadcast industry is merely regulating itself. They are providing a good example for all Canadians. No one is going to be arrested for using an offensive epithet.

At the same time, the moral tone is changing. Two generations ago it was quite accepted to use another famous, an famously offensive word. Now not even bigots will use it anymore for fear of public excoriation, which is as it should be. Some words have been used so hurtfully and so offensively against people that they just do not deserve to be in our everyday lexicon anymore. They are words from a past from which we have rightly started to move on.

I find it quite ironic that the broadcast industry has not permitted gratuitous use of the "N" word for years and years and no one seems terribly upset by that. Now suddenly the word most used to hurt me my entire life is elevated to the same status and that is somehow going too far? That is pure homophobia, and it illustrates that while we've come a long way towards creating a just society that is safe for everyone, we still have along way to go.

As a nation Canada has every right to crow about its human rights progress. We're streaks ahead of most of the world. We can own that reality, and be proud of it.

On an unrelated note may I say Buckdog how good it is to see your blog so active again!

Thanks and Happy New Year. I had a pretty tough 2010 due to 4 separate eye surgeries for a recurring detached retina. Still working with just one eye and one more surgery to go in the near future. Typing errors have abounded here over the last 12 months with partial vision blogging. Thanks for dropping by ...

Hey, LeftDog, hope you're on the mend. My apologies, but I had missed this earlier.

@MM:I find it quite ironic that the broadcast industry has not permitted gratuitous use of the "N" word for years and years

You've got to be kidding.

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