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Tuesday, June 07, 2011 

The Final Morphing Of 'The Conservative Party' Into 'The Reform Party'

Don't kid yourselves, the final morphing of the 'Reform Party' ... into the 'Canadian Alliance Party' ... into the 'Conservative Party' ... back into the 'Reform Party' is almost complete. There will be a last ditch effort by a few 'Progressive Conservatives' to prevent the final transition but the deal is done. Reformers will rule.

Winnipeg Free Press

Dawg why would the Cons morph back into a political party that history has shown us Canadians would not re-elect? Harper is nothing if not pragmatic. There may be ideological and doctrinaire MP's within the CPC ranks, but I don't believe that Harper is going to pander to them. He seems prepared to throw them a fiscal bone or two but I do not think he'll open up LGBT rights, the death penalty, or abortion rights. There's no political value in him pursuing an extremist agenda. I think you're being a bit alarmist.

Hmmm ... I don't expect initiatives to reintroduce capital punishment or anti-abortion legislation. But I expect:
- a death blow to the Wheat Board,
- huge budget cuts to CBC,
- massive cuts to the civil service,
- options to withdraw your contributions from the CPP,

... sound 'Reform' in any way??

The fact is Harper never believed in red toryism and said it was essentially watered-down conservatism. I think the merger was all about giving blue tories the main keys to the party and red tories are not given a voice at all. there needs to be a new party between the liberals and conservatives for business liberals and blue liberals, red tories or moderate conservatives and old progressive conservatives and there needs to be a place for the purple tories who believe in small government, some privatization while at the same time wanting to keep the social order. that is the direction a new party should offer. also a new party between the liberals and conservatives must try to win over the people i have listed but try to form policies on a strong law and order policy. therefore, the party must liberal conservative in nature to win over liberals and conservatives and make sure it governs at the centre to centre-right to gain the people in the spectrum who want strong economic policies, social progressive policies, and social conservative policies but not abolishing gay marriage or abortion and law and order policies that are truly balanced. if a party used these policies then i feel people would turn away. also in the most recent election atlantic canadians and quebeckers are not being given a voice since harper just wanted to win ontario and the west so they would not be given a major voice. i think we need a moderate conservative voice for those in eastern canada with no voice in this government.

This has to be a future or the Conservatives will dominate Canada forever so there needs to be a party of business liberals and red tories with a compassionate sense of government or the Conservatives will do what they please without any checks and balances.

Therefore a party replacing the old PC party is needed to bring balance to the system.

This article articulates the main reason why PCers and business liberals must create a party from the centre to centre-right called the Moderate party of Canada to bring together people that believe in social progressive policies, a strong law and order agenda, a moderate social safety net, a free market solution for the economy and making sure our democracy is strong. You can propose strong tax cuts and lower income taxes while at the same time wanting a strong middle class and a way to protecting our social programs. It was done with the PC party and it can exist again for Atlantic Canadians and Quebeckers who feel ignored by the current Conservative party. This would be a moderate conservative party for blue liberals, red tories and purple tories to unite the centre to centre-right.

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