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Monday, June 11, 2012 

Ontario LIBERAL Premier Dalton McGuinty DENIES Sight Saving Medical Treatment To 3 Year Old Ontario Boy - SHAME!

"Little Liam Reid of Whitby, Ont. is slowly going blind because of a very rare genetic condition called Persistent Fetal Vasculature Syndrome, also known as Norrie's disease. The condition is so rare, only two children in Ontario are known to have it. 

His doctors have told his parents that because his disease has advanced too much, there is no one left in the province who can treat him. An eye doctor in Michigan can help, though. In fact, he is already treating the only other boy in Ontario known to have the condition. 

But for some reason, while that boy's treatment is being covered by Ontario's out-of-country services, the province is refusing to help pay for Liam's treatment, says his mother, Kristina Reid. "We don't really understand what's happening here because there is another child with the same disease and he's being treated out of country by the same physician. So we don't understand why this is happening," 

Reid told CTV's Canada AM Monday After three years of trying to convince the system to help them, Liam's parents are growing desperate. If their son's condition is left untreated for much longer, Liam could lose his sight completely by the age of four."  
CTV online 

Goddam Liberals! You are worse than Conservatives BECAUSE you should know better! 

We expect this kind of cold hearted crap from Conservatives ... but this is just another reason why the death of the Liberal Party (provincial & national wings) simply can't happen FAST ENOUGH!

I may be a bit biased when it comes to children and functioning visual ability ....

It's strange that Dalton McGuinty would rather see a boy go blind and then have Ontarians pay for that boy's social services as he gets older. It might be cheaper to pay now than pay later.

Absolutely. There is obviously some OHIP civil servant who has decided to play god and the answer for this family is .... NO! Hopefully some Ontario Lib will read about this and pass it on to the Premier's Office.

Reading this makes me terribly sad. How heartless our bureaucracy can be. Please keep us advised. If there is a drive to raise funds for the boy's treatment I'd pitch in. No just society nor a nation as rich as ours should allow a child to suffer preventable blindness. It is intolerable.

Christ, and to think the Sask. Justice Department knowing an innocent man was wrongfully convicted four years ago, even having the evidence, was bad enough.

Our entire system from its birth has been blessed with not only British monarchy, but also with British bureaucracy.

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