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Thursday, May 30, 2013 

Privatization Of Saskatchewan Hospital Laundry Services Will Force Hundreds Of Employees Out Of Work

Progressive Bloggers

The Saskatchewan Party lost the 2003 provincial election when their leader, Elwin Hermanson said to a reporter, "why wouldn't we look at selling crown corporations?

That one sentence resonated negatively with voters and ensured the defeat of the surging Saskatchewan Party. The New Democrats earned a fourth term in power.

Shortly thereafter, the Sask Party ditched Elwin and elected a charismatic, young MLA  named Brad Wall to lead them.  Wall had previously served as a ministerial aide during Conservative Premier Grant Devine's failed administration.

New leader, Wall, was smart enough to understand that his party's belief in privatization was simply not going to fly in a province that understood the importance of public enterprise for the overall good of taxpayers. 

Under Wall's direction, the Saskatchewan Party immediately and firmly disavowed ANY crown liquidation and denied their privatization agenda. After 16 years of New Democratic rule, the Sask Party finally won an electoral mandate in 2007.

Wall's biggest challenge as Premier centers around trying to control and contain a rabid faction of his Party that lives and breaths hard right wing 'Reform Party' ideology. To appease this Right wing faction, Wall has been challenged to find ways to limit public ownership and services in the province.

In spite of earlier denials, privatization is happening in Saskatchewan, albeit incrementally. 

For example, over 300 employees around the province will be losing their jobs due to Brad Wall's centralization AND privatization of all hospital laundry services.  
-SEIU: Private Laundry is No Solution for Health Care

-Regina Leader-Post: Provincial laundry service to be built, owned and operated by third-party 

-GlobalPost: Saskatchewan privatizes hospital linen service; union says 300 to lose jobs

Saskboy has a great post on this story as well ...

Thanks Saskboy! I like your take .. and have added a link to your site on my post above!!!

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