Thursday, June 29, 2006 

Were Canadian Banking Records Given to CIA??

Canada's Privacy Commissioner is trying to determine if Canadian banks have turned over financial transaction records to the Central Intelligence Agency. The ongoing war against terrorism being waged by the United States of America is indeed taking many twists and turns.
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Monday, June 26, 2006 

How Stephen Harper Celebrated National Aboriginal Day - SHAME!

So how did your new Conservative government celebrate National Aboriginal Day? Were traditional rights enshrined for our aboriginal citizens - or - was any apology offered to aboriginal people? Take a look at what the new Harper Conservative government did to help the cause of aboriginal peoples: Read Story - "Canada opposes UN aboriginal treaty"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 

New Brunswick Tories BAN Blogger from Legislature!

Wow! Talk about how thinned skinned rightwingers are these days! In what must truly be an unprecidented abuse of a citizen's rights, a blogger has gotten under the skin of the New Brunswick Conservatives and they have banned him from the Legislature AND from all areas around the Legislative grounds!

Read story about censoring the blogger while you are still able to...

Monday, June 19, 2006 

17 Postal Union Members ARRESTED!!

The high mucky mucks at Canada Post have demonstrated some 19th Century management tactics by having members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) arrested in front of the corporations head office in Ottawa.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 

Nova Scotia NDP Makes Gains!!

Final Results: NDP 20 - Lib 9 - Con 23 -

- New Democrats make seat gains at expense of Liberals and Conservatives!

Congrats to Mr. Dexter and his Party for seat gains! NDP OFFICIAL OPPOSITION!!
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Monday, June 12, 2006 

CBC Chickens Out on Douglas Movie

After much whinning and bleating from those purporting to be defenders of 'Jimmy Gardiner' , officials at the CBC have now stated that they are pulling 'Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story from further broadcast on the publically owned network.

It is very clear that many of the loudest critics against the film are also the same folks who are constantly striving to demonize publically funded health care. (All the usual suspects like 'smalldeadanimals' - 'Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party' - 'Canadian Taxpayers Federation').

It makes you wonder if they will be pulling all docu-dramas if someone complains...?

I want to post words from Tommy Douglas himself concerning Jimmy Gardiner. This quote comes from: Recollections of a Parliamentarian - T.C. Douglas

"I found there are two classes of people you meet in politics. There are those with whom you can remain friends despite political differences. Then there are those who, if you attack them in the cut and thrust of debate, will go around nursing their wounds. I tried to follow a very simple maxim; be friendly with anyone who wanted to be friendly and leave alone those who wanted to be left alone. Jimmy Gardiner, for example, was a fierce debater and a very courageous little man. But like so many such persons, he did not like to get it back. I had some real battles with him. He would hardly speak to me unless he absolutely had to.

When I was Premier of Saskatchewan I had occasion to visit France to unveil a monument near Dieppe, where so many men of the South Saskatchewan Regiment were killed. I was about to leave on Sunday evening when someone told me Mr. Gardiner's son was buried about six miles from there. I wanted to visit his grave but it was very hard to get there. The military attaché at the Canadian embassy in Paris, Colonel Alan Chambers, was with me. He arranged for an airplane, some wreaths and a piper. At five o'clock the next morning we flew in, laid the wreaths and put on a bit of a military parade. Sometime later I was in Ottawa for a federal-provincial conference. I went for a haircut and there, sitting next to me, was Jimmy Gardiner. I nodded to him but he looked straight ahead. He finished first and paid his bill. I could see him standing at the door struggling. Finally he turned around and came over. He put out his hand and said, "I want to thank you for what you did for the boy." We eventually came to be quite good friends; but sometimes it takes a long while for the resentment of the debates to break down.

In a democratic society you not only have the right to say what you think but you must also give your opponent the same right and not hold personal resentment because you disagree with him. A pluralistic society depends on differences and diversity. A society in which everybody thinks alike, looks alike and speaks alike would be about as dull and deadly as you could imagine."

Tommy Douglas
Father of Medicare

Thursday, June 01, 2006 

Liberal Party Officials Should BUMP Volpe From Race

There are many good reasons why the Liberal Party of Canada lost government. As a result, there is a lot of rebuilding and fencemending needed in that tired, sorry old party before they ever again deserve the trust of the people. That being the case, does Volpe not get it? Does he not understand what happended to the Libs in the last election? The high mucky mucks in the Liberal national office should bump this guy from the leadership ballot. Period. If he had any class at all, he would just withdraw his name. Sheeesh.
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