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Tuesday, October 03, 2006 

British Military Talking With Taliban

British military authorities are talking with the Taliban according to the Times of London. The talks are intended to allow for a mutual withdrawal of troops from a specific region in Afghanistan. Recent polls in Britain show that a majority 53% do not agree with the British mission in Afghanistan.

But with British military authorites in talks with the Taliban, it will be interesting to see how Conservatives in Canada react to this development. Will Tories here start calling Prime Minister Blair, ‘Tailban Tony’? In view of the vicious personal attacks that were directed towards Jack Layton and the NDP, it would be consistent with the mean spirited way that Conservatives have been conducting business in this country since the election.

Canadians have endured a barrage of Conservative propaganda on the war in Afghanistan even though recent polling shows that the Tory military position is rejected by 59% of Canadians.

Times of London

Angus Reid British Poll

The problem with the CPoC is that they have confused being on the political right-wing with being correct.

Don't expect to see much in the way of moderation or nuance from them. (Especially not when they take their guidance from the so-called "Calgary School")

Nice point - they confuse the 'right' in 'right wing' with 'right = correct'. Good observation!

Nope. The British are being pragmatic in the field (basically trying to resolve a military stalmate in that particular province).

The US Senate Majority Leader was referring to discussions with the Taliban that would allow them a voice in Afghanistan's coalition government because he now sees that military victory is not likely.

Two different things being discussed or proposed for discussion.

I have been opposed to the military solution for one simple reason:
The USSR sent 500,000 troops into Afghanistan in 1976. By 1979/80, the USSR had lost 40,000 troops and were nowhere close to victory. Who in THEIR RIGHT MINDS believes that 2700 Canadian troops (brave and committed as they are) could even hope to put a dent militarilly into the quagmire that is Afghansitan.

For that opinion, I and others like me have been attacked, mocked and badmouthed by right wingers.

Afghanistan is quicksand. We are sinking.

I'm with Kevin G...

I don't think that this instance of "negotiations" is really in line with Layton's comments at all. I've a post up here, trying to dispell that notion, if you're interested in commenting:


Also, according to the NATO spokesperson:

"NATO spokesman Mark Laity on Monday insisted that no negotiations had been held with the Taliban and that the 140 or so British troops in Musa Qala were not withdrawing..."


But the criticisms on Layton by the Right was for merely suggesting the concept of 'TALKING' to the Taliban in any capacity.

I still see it as a double standard. Even if the Brits weren't into hardcore 'negotiations', they were 'communicating' with the Taliban. I don't think Jack ever once mentioned the word, 'negotiations'. The NDP love 'dialogue - they love to talk.

It WAS a double standard.

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