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Monday, October 02, 2006 

Tories Want Documents Withheld

The Calgary Sun reports that Conservative Party officials are in high panic mode to prevent public disclosure of documents related to the 'acclamation' of MP Rob Anders.

Publicly disclosing party documents relating to MP Rob Anders’ acclamation in Calgary West would “irreparably harm” the federal Tories, its lawyer said today.

Gerry Chipeur wants a delay in a judicial review of Anders’ selection so he can argue in the Court of Appeal such a hearing should not be allowed to proceed.

Chipeur told Justice Allen Sulatycky if the review were to take place before his appeal, confidential documents would have to be released as part of the process.

A group of 11 disgruntled Tories in Calgary West have applied for a court ruling Anders’ acclamation as the party’s candidate in the next federal election should be invalidated.

Political watchdogs are watering at the mouth for a chance to see what sort of 'irreparable' damage to the Tories are contained in these secret documents! Ahhh .. Open and Accountable Government - Tory style!!

Calgary Sun

There is one last little angle to the story about the Conservative nomination in Calgary West. Fromer Conservative MP Jim Hawkes is one of the 11 Tories challenging the acclamation of Rob Anders in court. Mr. Hawkes was the recent victim of an arson attempt on his home. (Tip of the hat to Giant Political Mouse for this little snippet).

Calgary CTV

THE NEOCONS sure do talk out of both sides of their mouth. LOL. I hope the disgruntled conservative members in this riding association get justice. Perhaps they might want to ponder what it is they learned when the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak.

Watch the unholy alliance of former Reform Party MP's from Calgary (Harper - Kenney - Anders) circle the wagons on this one. It will be interesting.

Canadians need to throw these scoundrels out of power before they do any further damage.

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