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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 

Weasel Words From Agriculture Minister

Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl must be feeling the heat in his battle to neuter the Canadian Wheat Board. In a 'letter to the editor' in Canadian newspapers, he plays weasel word games concerning the Tory plan to end the CWB's single desk monopoly.

In the letter, Mr. Strahl says, "Western grain farmers have told us that they wanted new opportunities. So we delivered." What western grain farmers is he referring to? Are these the ones WHO DO NOT have a vote in how the CWB will operate as the current Act states? Are these the same thousands and thousands of wheat producers who have been taken OFF the voters list?

Strahl plays more word games when he states, "Additionally, farmers have asked for consultation when it comes to the future of the CWB, so that is exactly what we are doing. We will be having a plebiscite on barley in the new year. I will be developing a plebiscite question that is clear, and that will be decided on by a broad base of voters." HUH?! A vote on 'BARLEY' - we are talking about the marketing of Wheat here Chucky - not a much lesser marketed grain like barley! TORY WEASEL WORDS! - TORY DISHONESTY!

Shame on Chuck Strahl for his nonsense on this matter!

Regina Leader Post - letters to the editor
Buckdog on the Canadian Wheat Board

The actions of the CPoC government with respect to the Wheat Board are classic micromanagement tactics.

Instead of doing things up front, they are doing it all by subversion - undermining first, then imposing their "idealized" solution.

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