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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

Will Harper Support Bush's Iraqi Escalation?

Every news source on the planet is reporting that President George Bush is going to escalate the Iraqi conflict by sending more young people to die because of his failed policy.

Bush has come to depend on his pal, 'Steve' Harper lately. You therefore have to assume that Geroge W. would like to hear Harper praise or acknowldge the troop surge or escalation.

As a Canadian, I certainly hope that Harper criticises the escalation of Bush's mad adventure. What do you think the chances of that are?

Bush to raise Iraq troop levels

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There is hardly anything that Harper would like to do more than to give his enthusiastic and full support to his ideological twin and idol, Dubya. Despite his twisted take on life, the Canadian political realities will not allow him to do so. The damn war is not exactly a bed of roses even down in Carolina or Texas and Harper to endorse this dumbass adventure would go a long way nailing his own political coffin shut. Even before than it will do so anyway.

Harper won't say anything direct, but I'll put even money that we suddenly find ourselves committing more heavy armor and troops to Afghanistan to help his good buddy in Washington to find that extra 20,000 troops for Iraq...by reassigning a chunk of the Afghanistan contingent.

You'd win that bet Grog. Yes, we are redeploying troops from Afghanistan to make the numbers. It's a done deal.

As for the Shrub's speech last night, it was more of a "this is what we've done" infomercial after the fact than a heads up on upcoming strategy.

The first of the troop surge has already arrived in Baghdad. The 82nd airborne is expected in today. There is not a single thing congress can do about it. The troops are already in play so cutting funding is not an option.

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