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Friday, March 02, 2007 

Let's Call Pierre Polivere What He Is - A Right Wing Extremist

Rookie MP, Pierre Polivere is obviously trying to get himself into Stephen Harper's Cabinet by trying to out do Jason Kenney when it comes to over the top extremist right wing statements.

"Parliamentarians were presented with a choice on February 27, 2007 - a choice between the safety of Canadians or bending to Liberal caucus politics." This is what young Pierre said in the House recently.

He equates measures that would allow Canadians to be held without charge - without trial - without knowing who your accuser is - without knowing what evidence exists against you - he equates these fascist measures as 'ensuring the safety of Canadians'.

Pierre is NOT on the same page as Canadians. We value our rights and freedoms. If Mr. Polivere is so terrified of finding terrorists under his bed, then he and his boss should come up with measures that will achieve what is needed without stripping Canadians of our basic rights and freedoms.

Shame on Pierre Polivere. A neophyte rookie right winger!

Polivere's Propaganda Site


The neo-cons are spreading their poisonous double-speak on a global scale. I just hope that more people begin to come out of their stupors before it's too late.

Do you think Orwell is spinning in his grave yet????


What gets me is how right wingers don't see the problems here when you start suspending habeus corpus and allowing us to be held without charge or trial. That is the way we are starting off the 21st century in North America - I don't like it!

The term "right wing extremist" is losing its shock value folks. Perhaps if you used it more selectively it would be more effective.

Out of the entire Federal Conservative Caucus, there are a mere handful that I have so labelled. Most are former sitting Members of the Reform Party of Canada, who appear to have taken a major role in policy detemination for the Government caucus. Kenney, Day, Anders, Harper ... that's about it - that is why young Polivere is such a surprise to me. Not from Alberta - not a Neo-Reformer, not a graduate of the University of Calgary, Poli Sci dept, not an acquaintence of Preston Manning - no, young Pierre is something different, but he now swell the ranks of Tory MP's that I label as 'right wing extremists from 4 to 5.

Hey! Why stop at the CPC caucus? What about me?

WHAT ABOUT ME! [stomps feet]


Well - OUTSIDE the Conservative Caucus, hmmm ... the Fraser Insitiute - Taxhaters Federation - Ezra Levant - SDA .... but not your lance! surely not you!!!

I have the dubious honour living in Pierre's riding and let me assure you over the top recriminations and drive-by smears of his opponents are just another day at the office for him. There is no lie that he will not latch onto of invent in order to keep his cushy job.

He is the master at manufacturing crises...

Allow me to extend to you my deepest condolences. I find him to be a smug, snarky little shit. Don't like him one bit ... nope!

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