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Tuesday, August 07, 2007 

"Taliban NO Threat To Afghan Government," Karzai says

"Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Monday the Taliban was a defeated and frustrated force that poses no threat to the stability of his country's government.

"They're not posing any threat to the government of Afghanistan," said Karzai, who spoke during a news conference with U.S. President George W. Bush after wrapping up two days of talks at Camp David, Md."



So what the hell is going on?
-Stephen Harper claims it is imperative that we have Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan!
-General Hillier claims that Canada must definitely be in Afghanistan!
-Defence Minister O'Connor is adamant that Canada must be in Afghanistan!
-Foreign Affairs Minster Peter MacKay swears that Canada has to be in Afghanistan!
-Blogging Tory and smalldeadanimal drones INSIST that Canada must be in Afghanistan!

-"Taliban NO Threat To Afghan Government," Karzai says

Is it possible that our Conservative Government AND their mindless supporters are exaggerating the Afghan situation and are LYING TO CANADIANS???!!

-Globe & Mail

One thing for certain: Afghanistan will still be there after we have the next federal election.

The situation vis-a-vis Harper, MacKay, O'Connor, after the next election will be different. Hillier will remain but of course he's the one with the brains.

President Karzai's statement must be very embarrasing for the Conservatives AND for everyone who ever criticised Jack Layton as being 'Taliban Jack' - I am so bloody sick of right wing war mongers. From the Bushites I expect it, but Canadians have jumped on the 'War' bandwagon in a way that I find uncomfortable!

The Taliban are still launching attacks against plenty of civilians.

Forgetting about them, aren't we?

And this warrants WAR? Pretty slim argument for what is being expended in Afghanistan. I don't like war and am generally of the opinion that it is fucking primitive in the extreme. When I have had occasion to watch two guys in a bar have a knock 'em down fist fight - I have always seen it is stupd, primal behaviour - war is just fist fighting on a much deadlier and larger scale. No less primitive.

We live in the 21st Century. The West has technical resources beyond our needs ... we can't give dialogue and other non violent rational approaches a chance??? Karzai and his government is willing to try and work with the Taliban and give them some sort of role in the society - but Bush, Harper and idiotic right wing thought cannot tolerate that.

So bomb the hell out of them - that is your solution ....?....

Pretty slim rational, I think ...

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