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Friday, August 24, 2007 

Why We Need A Quebec Provincial Public Inquiry Into The QPP / SQ Actions At The Montebello Summit:

Let's face it .... there are a lot of questions that come to mind about the actions of the Quebec Provincial Police at Montebello. In fact, there are so many questions that a public inquiry of some sort is absolutely required in this situation. Here are some very basic questions that need to be answered:

1) What are the names of the three QPP / SQ officers who infiltrated the protesters while in disguise?

2) What detachment (s) are they assigned to?

3) What is the name (s) of the superior (s) in the QPP / SQ who ordered / assigned the three to disguise themselves and join with the demonstrators?

4) Was the Office of the Ministèr de la Justice du Quebec aware of the undercover actions of the QPP / SQ at Montebello?

5) Why did the QPP / SP initially deny that their officers were disguised and mixing with protesters?

6) Have members of the QPP / SP conducted similar infiltrations of protesters in the past? If yes, what were the dates and circumstances?

7) Were the QPP / SQ asked by any other agency, federal, provincial or foreign, to infiltrate the protesters at Montebello?

Premier Charest MUST call a public inquiry. The people of Quebec and Canada need answers to these and many other questions.

(With thanks to: -Communications, Energy & Paper Workers Union - Larry Hubich - Dawg's Blog)

You know, of course, this won't happen. It'll be swept under the already threadbare carpet with a gallic shrug. It's always so in Quebec.

Thanks for this, Buckdog. The earlier denials by the cops were really hedged, and that escaped the notice of the media headline-writers. They never did say they had no one undercover; they simply said they had no agents provocateurs. My suspicion is that they'll stick pretty close to that story at their presser at 3:30. Stay tuned.


It'll be swept under the already threadbare carpet with a gallic shrug. It's always so in Quebec.

Well, then, we should insist that the oh-so-accountable Stephen Harper hold a public inquiry into this debacle - with a mandate broad enough to pursue the orders given to their source ... police or political.

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