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Sunday, September 30, 2007 

Federal Conservative Government Going To War Against Pot Smokers

" ... the party's over,''
Tony Clement, Health Minister

Canada's Conservative government has decided to borrow from the politics of the 1930's and 'get tough with reefer smokers'! Stephen Harper's crew of fundamentalist right wingnuts are going to announce a $64 million anti-drug initiative next week that aims to get-tough on 'illegal' drugs in Canada.

So while we have record levels of REAL crime in the nation, precious police resources are going to be dedicated to chasing Canadians who may use a little recreational marijuana. Harper needs scapegoats to blame the ills of the nation on. Pot smokers likely will fill that bill for the Tories.


If the government were smart they would direct all their efforts towards organized crime and the sources of hard drugs rather than dudes who sit in their basement getting high and playing halo.

Is this a deliberate act to provoke a fall election?

Recent actions, such as the diversion of the surplus, have been rather inflammatory and this is yet another.

Harper realises that Dion and Duceppe are at their weakest at this moment and therefore it's an opportune time for an election.

After the election in Jan. 2006, I wondered what damage the Toronto Tories would do to the country.

Baird still can't get the environment right.

Flaherty impoverished investors. Remember investment trusts?

Clement is doing nothing significant to help Canadians.

Now you know what the Mike Harris Common Sense Revolution was like to us Ontarians.

How much longer for these clowns?

I just can't envision an election before the late spring at the earliest -unless- Harper pulls the plug on his own administration. If Harper decides to hang on, the Libs won't allow his gov't to fall. I think it likely that Harper will find a way to go in June /08.

Harper is just following in the footsteps of the US in advocating harsher penalties for drug use.
Perhaps the Conservatives are buying up shares in prison construction firms and hoping to privatise prisons if they get a majority.
The US has 25 percent of the world's prisons and the highest incarceration rate in the world. Harper's dream is to catch up with and surpass the US.


I wish I was as smart as you Ken.

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