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Sunday, September 23, 2007 

President Ahmadinejad Arrives To Cool Reception In the USA

Iran's president stepped off a plane today in New York City to a less than formal reception.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will address the General Assembly of the United Nations as well as a speaking engagement at Columbia University. This is going to be an interesting state visit.

ABC News

All I can say about this guy is that he is a radical nut.

He is not much worse than some of the ones surrounding Bush.

Huffb1 - you and I agree that he is a nut but I want to see if we agree on why!

He is a fundamentalist islamist nutbar. He is NOT different from fundamentalist christianist nutbars in the Republican party.

Both are full of hate and intolerance. Bpth are a danger to peace on this planet.


Oh and Huffb1 - I wanted to make sure you saw my followup comment to you on this post from the other night.

Crazy bastard's plane should be shot down....

jk, but come on even his bosses the ayatollahs think hes a little nutty, and thats saying something.

If Bush will resist attacking Iran, there is every liklihood that he will be defeated in the next election there. There is a mood for reform and moderation in Iran.

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no comment

Huffb1 - I wasn't trying to paint you in a corner, but I am anxious to hear what fiscal conservatives feel about social conservatives. Don't you think that 'NON' social conservatives have a responsibility to try and reel in or do something about them? When people on the Left try to dialogue with them, they simply go off the deep end.
It is difficult to have reasonable political dialogue with people who think the world is only 6000 years old and that Jesus will be back sometime in 2007?

It is difficult to have reasonable political dialogue with people who think the world is only 6000 years old and that Jesus will be back sometime in 2007.


Do you think that just once someone would read and explain the Beatitudes to Bush, please?

Truly, that boy is short a couple sandwiches from his box lunch and a town in Texas desperately misses its idiot.

Im a bloody fiscal conservative and my options at the polls are nil, so I just scratch my ballot. I aint givin my vote to harper, or some pussy like doin or layton.

The only kind of excess spending I improve of is getting Canada's defense budget to 2%, but thats the army grat in me talkin who watched his relatives make do with shitty kit and low pay.

HOWEVER I do like a modest welfare state, I think we have a good balance here in Canada. Although I do think we should have a two tier system.

Apparently I cant spell.

It seemed like much ado about nothing to me. We have people as bad or worse here in the US spouting their nonsense over the airwaves all the time. (case in point: last night Hannity of Fox news doing his "special coverage" of Armageddon) To be honest had there not been such a hullabaloo over it I probably would not have tuned in to hear it.

I didn't learn much of anything I didn't already know about us or them. The only new information I obtained was that I'd fire the MSNBC reporter who did the wrap up for being an idiot.

I see he got the harsh welcome he deserved at Columbia :).

NY Mama - Amen!

That he was introduced as a "cruel dictator" was an odd attack. Ahmandinejad is often referred to as the "Mayor of Tehran." He has as much influence on his country's policies as the Queen of England has on hers. The real power is in the hands of the mullahs - who are more of a High Court, controlling the country according to their strict decisions. There is no one head of state or anything similar to a Congress or Parliament. It's an unusual sort of government not easily understood by the outside world. They present a unique challenge when it comes to negotiation with other nations. Hence a "president" to represent concerns of the Iranian people to the outside world, a kind of elected national ambassador, although one that is miserably failing. His popularity with the Iranian people has fallen to the point that the next election is likely to put in a more moderate representative that better understands and works with the Western world. We can hope that our country does the same. Bush AND Ahmadinejad are about as equally unpopular with other countries. Bush similarly inspires protests and cold receptions, along with fear and deep distrust, among the citizens of other nations he visits.

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