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Sunday, December 23, 2007 

Harper Finds Patronage Spot At The Public Trough For Former Saskatchewan Party Leader

Prime Minister Harper has given a cushy spot at the public trough to the former leader of the right wing Saskatchewan Party. The Conservative government has appointed Elwin Hermanson to head the Canadian Grain Commission.

Mr. Hermanson served as leader of the Saskatchewan Party from 1998 to 2004. Prior to his term with the Saskatchewan Party, he served as a Saskatchewan Reform Member of Parliament with Stephen Harper.

Hermanson is appointed to a five-year term, and, according to the cabinet order, his salary will be between $204,300 and $240,400.

The Saskatchewan Party is made up of the remnants of the old Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan and some breakaway right wing Liberals. The Sask Party goes to great length to deny any connection to Harper Conservatives. Appointments to the gravy train such as this make it difficult for them to deny any connections.


I guess he could have appointed the Ex- Ag minister Wartman, but he doesn't know anything about Ag...Harper made a wise choice, he selected someone who has an idea what way the industry is going..instead of hiring a bag man who knows nothing of the industry..

It is nice to see people in the KNOW being hired and appointed to these Departments....

Liberal appointments and hirings were always because of who you were not what you know....the same as the NDP here in Sask...an Ag Minister who is a Lieing Church Minister...

A little sensitive aren't 'we' Joe?? How deep inside the Sask Party are you? A staffer? A strategist?

What will Carol Skelton get?

Why so bitter Leftdog? After all this is the Christmas season.

Maybe you like Santa to bring you some coal. Its worth a lot of money you know ;)

Not bitter at all ... just pointing 0ut how crooked the Harper / Wall crew is ... they talk a good talk and then get their fists into the public purse right up to their elbows.

Right wing patronage!

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