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Saturday, January 05, 2008 

Canadian General Contradicts Peter MacKay (who is repeating American propaganda)

"We are very concerned that weapons are coming from Iran. We're very concerned these weapons are going to the insurgents and keeping this issue alive."
Hon. Peter MacKay
Minister of Defence

"I cannot say from what I see on the ground that Iran is behind that."
Brig.- Gen. Guy Laroche

CTV News

I trust the uniform more than the cabinet officer.

By the way, have you noticed that Hillier's been nearly invisible in the last few weeks? Coincidence?

Hillier is there and knows whats going down. Peter gets his "intelligence" from the US. Now there's an oxymoron for you, intelligence from the US administration.

I suppose one way to determine if the guns are coming from Iran is to check if it was made in the US and dates back to the late eighties. Or get Oliver North to ID the guns.

what a crock: in one report they had Mckay, then the soldier saying he couldn't agree with McKay...but then he is saying that they have evidence that arms and bombs are coming from Iran...then at the end of the report they were showing guns that had serial # that proved they were from Iran...very poor reporting...and anyone who doesn't read or follow the full reported story and just taking what they want from a part of it is doing everyone a dis-service...including bloggers

" ... they were showing guns that had serial # that proved they were from Iran... and just taking what they want from a part of it ..."

You mean taking what you want from a story kinda like those war mongers who want to go to War with Iran (or at least attack it) just because there was some guns that had Iranian serial numbers ...

it works both ways, I see no reason to not believe that weapons aren't coming from Iran, do you?...just like I would believe weapons have been sold by French or Russian suppliers....money talks...

I have to laugh at people who only see what they want to...what ever happened to having an open mind?
Oh ya, that doesn't help when people want to push their beliefs onto others..

"Oh ya, that doesn't help when people want to push their beliefs onto others.."

You mean like Bush who is desperately trying to find a reason to attack Iran and then there is Harper and MacKay who are going right along with him (as well as a lot of the retarded Right in this country)... ?

While some of the weapons or at least parts may come from Iran this does not mean that Iran is supplying them. Black markets are rife in the area. The general is careful not to say that Iran is supplying the weapons. In fact even if one thought they were doing so one would not publicly announce this unless one wanted to increase negative feelings among the public towards Iran.
MacKay's public statement was probably his Xmas gift to the US ambassador who visited Afghanistan with MacKay at MacKay's invitation.

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