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Sunday, January 27, 2008 

Four Mounties Involved In Dziekanski Death Still On The Job While Probe Stalls

"We're still working at it and waiting for authorization to go to Poland and Germany to speak to potential witnesses and get a sense of Mr. Dziekanski's life in the hours before he arrived in Vancouver. We're still waiting for government approval for those funds."
Cpl. Dale Carr

The four RCMP officers who were involved in the death of Robert Dziekanski continue on the job while the probe investigating his death has stalled over a technicality that is probably intended to delay the proceedings.

So .. because the RCMP are waiting for federal funds to go to Poland to investigate the killing of Robert Dziekanski, all progress on the probe to investigate his death have stalled. You have to wonder how critical the visit to Poland is to determine why the RCMP were involved in killing Mr. Dziekanski? How convienient for the four RCMP officers who tasered him and knelt on his neck prior to his death. How very convienient indeed .... !

The Star

UPDATE: At the time of the incident, the Government of British Columbia promised an enquiry separate from the RCMP investigation ... now it looks as if the B.C. government is trying to let their earlier commitment just die ....

Have the RCMP told us who the four officers are? Or is this a state secret in the Harper style of government?

David, I have followed this story very closly since it happened and I have almost 100 electronic media articles on it. I don't see that the 4 officers were ever named. They had to be moved from their duties at the airport because they were being verbally challenged by citizens in the Vancouver Airport in the day or two after the killing that they were still at their usual jobs. They have apparently been moved to other location assignments in the detachments area of responsibility.

I still believe we have a right to know their names. After all, that's the pervading atmosphere from the Harperites, isn't it?

"Honest, open, and accountable."

Mike Harris said the same thing to Ontario in 1995 and the yuppies fell into a collective swoon.
Harper repeats the same mantra and we hear nothing or we find out about some back-stairs manipulations and connivances all too late.

You want accountable? Give us the Mounties' names and let's have the end of that awful woman Buckler--for starters.

Peter van Loan is on the TV right now and I think I'm going to get bilious real quickly.

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