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Thursday, January 24, 2008 

While Bush LIED About Iraq - Stephen Harper Was Repeating The Same Lies In the House Of Commons!

"It is inherently dangerous to allow a country such as Iraq to retain weapons of mass destruction, particularly in light of its past aggressive behaviour. If the world community fails to disarm Iraq, we fear that other rogue states will be encouraged to believe that they too can have these most deadly of weapons to systematically defy international resolutions and that the world will do nothing to stop them."
- Stephen Harper supporting the American invasion of Iraq, House of Commons, March 20, 2003. No weapons of mass destruction have been ever been found in Iraq.

As Canadians, let's NOT FORGET that Stephen Harper wanted Canada to join Bush in his military invasion of Iraq.

Harper and his Conservatives would have had us mired up to our necks in this disaster. Why is it that no one in the MSM is holding Stephen Harper to account for his statements on Iraq? Why is it that Kate and her 'smalldeadanimals' extremists are not being held to account for their support of Harper's position on Iraq?

Right wingers get off far too easy in the main stream media. Harper was wrong!

Canadians should be thankful that we are NOT losing lives in Iraq. REMEMBER THIS, our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper WANTED CANADA TO SEND TROOPS INTO IRAQ! His judgement was flawed on this issue. I suggest to you that Stephen Harper's judgement continues to be flawed on any number of other important issues.

The sooner he is thrown out of office, the safer Canadians will be.

Do you think Harper actually knew Bush had manufactured the intelligence, or was he just brain-dead as he goose-stepped behind our Feckless Fuhrer?

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