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Tuesday, January 15, 2008 

Guest Blogger - PoliShifter - 'It Makes No Sense'

Buckdog is featuring a guest blogger today - my friend Polishifter who blogs at Pissed On Politics:

"Bush is continuing his whirlwind tour around the Middle East all the while agitating for war against Iran.

Today he arrives in Saudi Arabia bearing $20 Billion in weapons gifts including precision-guided bombs.

What am I missing here? Isn't Saudi Arabia the country that was just going to execute a girl for being raped? Isn't Saudi Arabia a country that gives money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers? 40% of the foreign jihadis in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia. They've emptied their jails of their violent offenders and sent them to Iraq. Saudi Arabia has been quietly funding the Sunni Insurgency. Saudi Arabia is just as guilty of arming and funding the insurgents as Iran is.

I guess because Saudi Arabia owns a large amount of our debt, Bank of America, television stations, various U.S. companies, tons of stock, and sell us badly needed oil there's not much we can threaten them with. Somewhere in all that there's a lesson for Iran.

Meanwhile you've got Israel saying they won't accept nuke weapons in Iran.

Bush and Israel continue to agitate for war against Iran while ignoring the real issue.

The real issue is Putin and Russia building Iran's nuclear power plants. If Iran gets any help building nuclear weapons, where do you think they will get it? 1) the internet 2) Russia.

Russia is building Iran's nuclear power plants which will produce electricity for Iran. The 'centrifuges' Bush likes to talk about are used to enrich uranium for the nuclear power plants, not nuclear weapons. Our concern is that without international monitoring, Iran could in theory at some point in the future enrich enough nuclear material to make a bomb. Then they still need the missile technology and guidance systems to deliver it.

If we were smart we'd be talking to Russia about our concerns and asking them to help us monitor Iran's nuclear activity.

Bush has been flying all around the Middle East threatening Iran with war but he remains silent about Russia. Nothing regarding Iran's nuclear program can be resolved without tackling Russia. Further more, any preemptive action against Iran is going to be met with resistance from Russia.

Maybe that's the goal. Perhaps what Bush is really doing is forcing us into another major Cold War with Russia. Maybe Bush is not so much concerned with actually bombing Iran as much as he is concerned with making sure the contracts to the military industrial complex don't stop after he leaves office."

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