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Saturday, February 16, 2008 

Kate McMillan From 'smalldeadanimals' Is Now A Columnist With The National Post!

"This is why I have come to believe that what Canadians need most at this moment in our history is a good famine. By "famine", I do not mean those 24-hour fruit-juice-sipping adventures in group narcissism devoted to curing the problems of that continent-wide parade of dysfunction known as "Africa." No, what I have in mind is a proper food shortage of the depth and duration that drives the creative homemaker to taste test the wallpaper glue, while contemplating which of the $3,000 Labradoodles goes first into the stew pot. "Dig deep, darling. The pup's at the bottom." A taste of deprivation could restore the word "crisis" to its original definition, resurrect "endurance" and "stoicism" from the vocabulary dustbin, along with the long-lost distinction between "threat" and "nuisance."
Catherine (Kate) McMillan
National Post

If you want to look into the mind of an extreme right wing thinker from rural western Canada, read the crap that Kate is spewing in the National Post.

In her National Post article, she states that she wants Canadians to die from a famine so that they can see how tough she and her right wing rural ilk are!

In her mind, Kate and her brethern see themselves as 'tough as nails' solid citizens who want the rest of us to know just how rugged and self reliant they truly are! This bizarre way of looking at the world is where the Right Wing draws its key western support from, spawning political entities like the old Reform Party, the Saskatchewan Party as well as various fringe parties in Alberta.

This self congratulating, sanctimonious 'pioneer' crap springs from a deep insecurity brought about by the decline of rural communities and nostalgia for a 19th century lifestyle that no longer exists.

I suffer fools badly.

Whenever Buckdog does a post about smalldeadanimals, we are hit with a flurry of right wing adolescent males (all with VERY hairy palms) who come running to the defense of their darling Kate! Not today -

Leftdog, why do you always think there is a conspiracy against you?

That's the only reason I come here. To marvel at your paranoia.

Wow ... you took a few minutes away from beating your wife and child to post here!

Kate McMillan From 'smalldeadanimals' Is Now A Columnist With The National Post!
And poor you with your audience of two. Think it has anything to do with your minority leftlib thinking.

if my audience is so inconsequential to you nutbars .... why does what I say bother you sooooo much?

Because you and your ilk are slowly destroying the free worlds way of life and seems you won't be satisfied until it's all a huge dusty wasteland.

" ... the free worlds way of life" ??
That sounds like something right out of 1950's McCarthyist America - You need to update your ideological perspectives ....

Actually harbinger, the global oil industry, the agro-chemical industry and various other polluting mutil-national corporations seem to be the ones reducing the planet to "a huge dusty wasteland".

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