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Sunday, March 16, 2008 

Saskatchewan Party Wants A 'Right Wing Makeover' For The Province

" ... we need to ensure that we move forward based on our philosophy,"
Ken Kravetz
Deputy Premier

Saskatchewan's new government has plans to do a right wing makeover of the province's agencies boards and commissions says deputy Sask Party Leader. Talking to reporters on Friday, Deputy Premier (and deputy leader of the Saskatchewan Party), Ken Kravetz, told reporters that his party plans to stack a number of boards with right wing ideologues who share his political philosophy. Health region boards, the Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission and the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission are expected to be the next targets for right wing 'makeover.'

The Saskatchewan Party has also recently declared war on organized labour by introducing sweeping changes to the Labour Standards Act and the Trade Union Act intended to curtail the role of unions in the province.

There is a definite 'bullyboy' attitude in the Saskatchewan Party's approach. However, they may find out that they have run into a brick wall by taking on organized labour in the province of Saskatchewan.

Hold on to your hats ... there is going to be a wild ride for awhile in this province!

Regina Leader Post

"Hold on to your hats ... there is going to be a wild ride for awhile in this province!

I don't think so...

But then again you may see imaginary "bullying" or "right wing extremism" in my disagreement....

you just don't get it mike. When those with the capital and those with the labour, harmoniously NEGOTIATE the terms of a contract or the content of an essential services Bill, it then becomes the mutual commitment of both to make it work.

When those who control the capital IMPOSE a contract or the content of an essential services Bill, don't expect 'harmony'.

It is an extreme Right Wing economic concept to impose - force or mandate something onto working people when they have no say. Your views advocate the strategy being employed by Wall Inc., it is a bullying strategy and will instantly make enemies rather than partners with labour.

If you want to be plagued by 'enemies' for your 4 year term, well, that will be your choice. When things go very wrong for you with labour relations (as they will), you will remember that you had the choice to work towards a harmonious partnership with labour but chose not too. Too bad for you.


Me being the extreme right-winger that I am, let me begin by saying the same thing back. No, you don't get it.

This isn't about the rank and file union member. This is about union executives and that same stranglehold on power they had with the NDP. Those days are over for a while.

The SFL brass never voted for the Saskies anyways. And if they choose to become antagonistic, the people, not the Sask Party will be heard.

One of the attributes of Sask people is common sense. What's wrong with secret ballots? What's wrong with essential services, particularly when it gets cold outside, or when people need medical attention? Are the big unions willing to take on the peole of the province? Sorry, but the majority of Sask residents don't feel like these are bad bills.

Being "plagued by 'enemies' for your 4 year term" is an interesting choice of words (just a few points here a) what "enemies" are you referring to? b) isn't that a bit heavy-handed and c) "my" four year term? I'm not in government. I'm an insurance salesman.

If you look at your language and the language of Larry Hubich, it's the left that never had any intention at all in making any harmonious relationship with the Sask Party government (as witnessed by the union propaganda during the election campaign, and as witnessed by Hubich's blog every day).

I think the bills will pass and then it's up to the unions to see if they want to work within that framework. That's what 52% of the population voted for and that's what they're going to get.

I'm willing to see what happens when these bills pass, because I see a whole whack of people getting really pissed if what I expect to happen does actually happen.

And of the people don't like the legislation, they can kick the Saskies out and vote the NDP back in in four years. That's democracy.

And isn't that done with a secret ballot as well?

"And of the people don't like the legislation, they can kick the Saskies out and vote the NDP back in in four years."

Oh you can count on that!

Being the right-wing extremist that I am, I don't think they're gone after four... If you think about it, nobody you associate with voted for them and they still got in.

On that point, we'll agree to disagree. I hope I'm not being too authoritative...

Not 'authoritative' ... you and your Saskatchewan Party are demonstrating behaviour that is 'authoritarian' (1. a person who behaves in a tyrannical manner;
2. expecting unquestioning obedience;)

... just like the way Wall is changing labour laws.

It's important to set the record straight about who made overtures of cooperation and mutual respect - and who did not.

See here: Setting the record straight

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