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Saturday, April 19, 2008 

When Tory MP Rob Anders Was A Paid Political Heckler

The Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada has ensured that his pal, Rob Anders has a nice safe seat to run in in Calgary.

Rob Anders has been a Reform Member of Parliament, then an Alliance MP and finally a Conservative MP. Anders graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Before being elected he had worked in the United States for the Republican Party for the 1994 senate campaign of Jim Inhofe in Oklahoma as a professional heckler. In this video link, Anders is the one at the microphone who puts on the 'pinocchio' nose. This earned him the label of "a foreign political saboteur" from CNN. This video is a 'must see'!

On his MP website, he brags that, "he has been supportive of a variety of organizations including: The Fraser Institute, the Alberta Taxpayers Association, the Progressive Group for Independent Business, Canadian Property Rights Research Institute, the National Firearms Association, Responsible Firearms Owners of Alberta, Focus on the Family, Canada Family Action Coalition, St Andrew- Caledonian Society, the Alberta Debate and Speech Association, Parliamentary friends of Tibet, and the Sir Winston Churchill Society."

Buckdog has been following the Rob Anders case for sometime. Stay tuned for further developments!

-Anders Compares China Olympics To Hitler's 1936 Event

-Is Tory MP Ander's Anti China Comment Official Canadian Government Policy?

I hope that the Internet tubes are delivered to Alberta soon so that the good people of that province can look up their candidates' past histories on the internet and find the clowns from among the genuine candidates.

The Wikipedia is particularly damaging in this respect.

Oh well . . .every village must have its idiot.

Hank, I like to think that we on the progressive side of things leave adolescent crap like that to your right wingers! Andes is a buffoon! Even Conservatives in his riding tried to get a new candidate but Harper used his HEAVY HAND as leader and ensured that Anders would not be challenged.

Anders is an embarrassment to 'most' Canadians.

What an embarassment.

Anders was a poor excuse for a student, as a politician he hasn't improved any.

Sadly, although his antics are well known and reviled by the Calgarians I know, voter apathy in Alberta is so entrenched that he gets elected by the 20% that are as loony as he is.

If I do recall, during the election in which Paul Martin won his minority government, a tactic of the Liberal party was to accost Harper at every stop. One of the most memorable incidents was Saskatoon Councillor Tiffany Paulsen going absolutely crazy in Saskatoon.

So much for your "leaving the adolescent carp" the the right wingers. Please stop your moralizing... For every incident of right wing buffoonary, we can find the same on the left.

Ever been to Canadian Cynic?

Hank you are full of crap! The fact that you are defending Anders says more about you than it says about me!

This guy IS an embarrassment to Calgarians. His arrogance is evident on numerous fronts. What irks me is that he qualifies for a big fat pension when he's finally out of here. Ugh! Unfortunately, this is one of the great failures of our political system...

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