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Tuesday, May 20, 2008 

Leader-Post Columnist Bob Hughes Writes Last Column

Bob Hughes's career with The Regina Leader-Post began in 1962 as a copy boy. He has worked in both news and sports as a writer and columnist. He has also held a number of management positions with the paper. He was Editor-In-Chief during the dark days when Conrad Black owned all four daily papers in Saskatchewan. During those years, the Leader-Post went out of its way to condemn the Roy Romanow government on a daily basis. Fortunately, the New Democrats long outlived Conrad Black. When Black sold the Leader-Post, Hughes was 'fixed up' by becoming an honorary editor with his own column. He technically retired but continued writing a twice-weekly freelance column. He had two topics that ran over and over like a skipping vinyl record: -Daylight Savings Time and anything to attack the NDP. In February of this year, Mr. Hughes was charged with impaired driving - a topic he wrote about in his column - 'I drank, I drove, I got caught' Feb 19, 2008

I won't miss him. His attempts to denigrate Roy Romanow and praise of Grand Devine and Brad Wall were sickening. If ever there was a right wing-nut in Saskatchewan, it was Bob Hughes. In fact, Bob, for those hard working, law abiding people who live in this province and support the New Democrats, your ongoing attacks on us with your acidic, venomous political nastiness will long be remembered ... good riddance.

Bob Hughes last column

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Photo courtesy Regina Leader-Post.


His last column makes you wonder what the Editor-in-Chief actually said in that phone call.

Hey Wheatsheaf! This is a great day indeed in Saskatchewan! Getting rid of this self serving right wing loudmouth is good for the entire province! We have finally gotten rid of the last remnant of the dark old Conrad Black days!

I was laying in bed listening to the morning news on Jack FM when I found out. I don't think there has been a day that I have bounded out of bed with such a huge smile on my face and spring in my step (well maybe a couple, but girlfriends were involved). One of my fondest memories of Hughes was the drunk driving incident, his column after the incident states he simply made a decision - but it made me wonder how many other times he made the decision and only this time got caught. And don't forget the geese, he was forever ranting about the geese. And of course North Central. Anyway, I'm still smiling.

A good thing there’s still John Gormley!

I’m just teasing you Leftdog.

huff .... I look forward to doing a post on the evil John Gormley when he is finally done doing his dark work on NewsTalk Radio!

I have a feeling Gormley will have more of an influence on the province than you ever will, leftdog. And you'll be gone long before he is...

Don't be so sure Francis! Curmudgeonly characters like Gormley eventually wear out their welcome!

@leftdog @8:56pm
. . .Curmudgeonly characters . . eventually wear out their welcome. . . .

At this rate, maybe talk radio will be off the air sooner than expected! Just imagine a day without the likes of Adler, Limbaugh, Hannity, Coren.

Time to press the closing down of talk radio to the CRTC.

I'll second that motion!

"Time to press the closing down of talk radio to the CRTC."

Why is it that right-wingers can live with left-wing pundits, but left-wingers immediately want to eliminate all dissenting thought.

Isn't that what left-wingers accuse right-wingers of wanting to do?

Then again we like Air America, because eventually they just implode, while Rush and Hannity live on...

You know what? With Bob Hughes gone now from the Regina Leader-Post, it almost felt as if we had an extra hour of sunshine here yesterday!!! :)

Bulldog........I haven't poked a stick in your eye for quite some time....so here goes!

I must agree with "the Greek" it would be OK with you and your left wing pals if Gormeley was champion of the left wingers, wouldn't it?

But there is something you have to take into account. When planning to run a successful radio business you have to play to the largest portion of the population that will buy what you're selling. When only 15% of the population supports the NDP you would certainly limit your audience numbers, and that is what is needed to sell advertising. That in large part is what failed with "Air America", no one would listen.

You see you are truly in the minority when it comes to political alligence.

I believe that Gormley has been a positive influence on Saskatchewan and has played an important part in enlightening the populace to the benefits of free thinking and free enterprize.

Finally Saskatchewan is out from under that stifiling socialist cloud and on the way to BIG things. You should be proud that your province can now take it's rightful place in a burgeoning western economy.

Dog, its a good thing you don't live in Alberta and have Dave Rutherford as your talk show host, you would have a migraine everyday, cause he gores left wingers at every opportunity and he is not kind about it. He is the only talk show host in Canada, that I know of, who has banned David "wing-nut" Suziki from appearing on his show. I listen and love it everyday!

Ron said, "Saskatchewan is out from under that stifiling socialist cloud"
... that is hilarious! It sounds like something out of the McCarthy era! LOL! Something that Archie Bunker would be whining about! What is it with you guys and your whole 'socialist' scare!

I don't tolerate right wing crap very well Ron, and you have a full load of of it on my site with that response!

Back to the ORIGINAL TOPIC now that I have let the right whingers go on for awhile ...

CBC has a nice bit on the Bob Hughes resignation ....

Funny how the wing nuts condemn those that report the truth, but defend those that should be in jail.

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