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Monday, May 19, 2008 

Conservative 'Bully Boys' Go Too Far With Attacks On Romeo Dallaire

"If you want black and white, and I'm only prepared to give it to you. You're either with the law or not with the law. You are not allowed to go against conventions and if you do, you're going down the same road as those who absolutely don't believe in the law."
General Romeo Dallaire

"In what has been an increasingly testy parliamentary debate season, Tory MPs Jason Kenney, Pierre Poilievre and John Baird spent last week attacking Liberal Senator Dallaire over his strongly worded criticism of the government's handling of Canadian child-soldier and Guantanamo-prisoner Omar Khadr. [...]

First, (Jason) Kenney compared the most decorated Canadian soldier of his generation to a "mob of wacky protesters." A day later, John Baird, the environment minister, tried to shout down Liberal MP Marlene Jennings who came to Dallaire's defence and loudly applauded when 29-year-old Tory MP Pierre Poilievre suggested that Dallaire sounded like a member of the Khadr family, an insult so stupid and infantile that Rob Anders' slur against Nelson Mandela immediately came to mind."

Calgary Herald

If Conservative Party strategists believe that attacking General Romeo Dallaire is a wise political strategy, they may want to think twice. Dallaire is a respected and well liked Canadian personality. The three 'fascista' pit-bulls in Harper's stable, may want to rethink their tactics.

. . . may want to rethink . . .

In the same vein, I hope people give a serious rethink to their choice of party/candidate come the next election.

Yes, David rethink the party or parties that got us into Afghanistan, extended the mission 3 times since 2003, and don't have a plan in place or explain why we are there.

By coincidence, I just watched Shake Hands With the Devil last night.

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