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Friday, May 09, 2008 

Media Fallout Continues On Bernier's Lack Of Good Judgment

Bernier Affair IS a security Issue: Experts Say!
OTTAWA - "Some security experts are taking issue with the Conservative government's characterization of the Maxime Bernier affair as a private matter, saying questionable personal links could leave the minister - and Canadian interests - vulnerable."

Harper Dismisses Revelations About Minister
" ... a former CSIS agent told CTV yesterday that Couillard's romantic past would have been "red-flagged" even though Couillard has not been convicted of any crimes. Michel Juneau-Katsuya said the situation would have been considered so grave that Canada's spy agency might have recommended to the government that Bernier not be given the foreign affairs post. The Canadian Press reports that sources say Couillard had a significant influence on her boyfriend's moods as well on his public image. The agency, citing unnamed government and Tory sources, said she started trying to influence his speeches, contradict government policy and speak publicly at every opportunity. If she heard anything negative about Bernier on Montreal talk radio, she would call him and tell him to phone into the show, the report said."
The Star

Bernier’s Ex-girlfriend ‘wanted to control things’
OTTAWA - "The cabinet minister’s girlfriend always stood out in the genteel diplomatic crowd that inhabits the foreign affairs building. Bernier’s ex-girlfriend ‘wanted to control things’. Whether smoking cigarettes in an ambassador’s limousine or striding into meetings snapping bubble gum and clad in leather boots and tight jeans, Julie Couillard raised eyebrows. [...] They became annoyed at other aspects of the relationship. They say she started trying to influence his speeches and urged him to contradict government policy and speak publicly at every available opportunity."
Halifax Chronicle

So, getting to the real issue:

The Harper Cabinet has / had a dotted line relationship with organized crime.

The question is not about the Minister's "active social life" but rather, is the dotted line relationship to organized crime a security risk to Canada.

Do we know?



For me, the issue here is not about freedom of association, it is about the poor judgment that has been displayed repeatedly by Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is incompetent, arrogant and naive. Harper, by not taking any action, basically demonstrates that his government's arrogance trumps common sense and parliamentary tradition.

I hope this matter has hurt them massively.

In the Chronicle Herald, it said, that when she was with Bernier, she tried to control him, in his job....an interesting read !!

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